Art History Test 1

38 terms by soldierguy2

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an object's shape and structure, either in two dimensions.


a distinctive artistic manner.

post & lintel

a system of construction in which two posts support a lintel.


a curved structural member that spans an opening.

concrete construction (pozzolana)


barrel vault


groin vault



a hemispherical vault

Doric Order

characterized by, capitals with funnel shaped echinuses, columns without bases, and a frieze of triglyphs and metopes.

Ionic Order

characterized by, among other features, volutes, capitals, columns with bases, and an uninterrupted frieze.

Corinthian Order

no such order exists, in strict terms, but only this type of capital used in the Ionic order.


The horizontal arrangement of the parts of a building or of the buildings and streets of a city or town, or a drawing or diagram showing such arrangement.


a head-on view of an external or internal wall, showing its features and often other elements that would be visible beyond or before the wall.


the chamber at the center of an ancient temple.


the uppermost course of the platform of a classical temple, which supports the columns.


In ancient Greek architecture, a colonnade all around the cella and its porch.


a vertical, weight-carrying architectural member, circular in cross-section and consisting of a base, a shaft, and a capital.


the part of the building above the columns and below the roof.


the part of the entablature between the architrave and the cornice.

triglyph & metope frieze

a triple projecting, grooved member of a Doric frieze that alternates with metopes.


the triangular space at the end of a building.


the central area of an ancient Roman basilica or of a church.


the portion of a basilica flanking the nave and separated from it by a row of columns or piers.


a recess, usually semicircular, in the wall of a building.


the part of a church with an axis that crosses the nave at a right angle.


a panel


Greek, "double theater."

triumphal arch

In Roman architecture, a freestanding arch commemorating an important event.


the public square of an ancient Roman city.


a civic building for legal and other civic proceedings.


the artistic style of 600-480 BCE in Greece.


the art and culture of ancient Greece between 480 and 323 BCE.


the style of painted or sculptured representation based on close observation of the natural world.


art and culture of the roughly three centuries between the death of
Alexander the Great in 323 BCE and the death of Queen Cleopatra in 30 BCE.






patterns or pictures made by embedding small pieces of stone or glass in cement on surfaces such as walls and floors.



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