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Carries blood away from the heart


Carries blood back to the heart.


Top chambers of the heart


bottom chambers of the heart.


Liquid part of blood. Helps to transport the nutrients and oxygen/carbon dioxide.

white blood cell

Fights infections in the body.

red blood cells

Is a component of blood that transports oxygen and carbon dioxide.


Chemical protein in red blood cell that allows oxygen and carbon dioxide to bind to the red blood cell.

blood pressure

The force with which blood pushes against the walls of your blood vessels. Normal reading would be 120/80.


Marked as having high blood pressure.


The build up of plaque along the blood vessel wall.

heart attack

Where a part or all of the heart muscle is damaged and stops functioning.


Connects arteries to veins.


A small group of cells in the wall of the right atrium. This recieves signals from the brain to increase or decrease your heart rate.


Play and important role in clotting of blood and creating scabs.


A substance that builds up in the artery walls.

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