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True/False questions

The thick-walled arteries close to the heart are called muscular arteries.


7) Hypotension is generally considered systolic blood pressure that is below 100 mm Hg.


8) A precapillary sphincter is a cuff of smooth muscle that regulates the flow of blood into the capillaries.


9) The carotid sinus reflex protects the blood supply to the brain, whereas the aortic reflex is more concerned with maintaining adequate blood pressure in the systemic circuit as a whole


10) Vasodilation is a widening of the lumen due to smooth muscle contraction.


11) The pulmonary circulation does not directly serve the metabolic needs of body tissues


12) In infants and young people, congenital vascular problems are less common than congenital heart disease.


13) The most common form of shock is hypovolemic shock


14) Every minute, about 1.5 ml of fluid leaks out of the capillaries


15) The pancreas is an example of an organ with arteries that do not anastomose


16) An obstruction in the superior vena cava would decrease the flow of blood from the head and neck to the heart.


17) Arteries supplying the same territory are often merged with one another, forming arterial anastomoses.


18) An increase in blood viscosity will cause an increase in peripheral resistance.


19) The first major branch of the femoral artery is the dorsalis pedis artery.


Whereas diffusion is more important for solute exchange between plasma and interstitial fluid, bulk flow is more important for regulation of the relative volumes of blood and interstitial fluid.


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