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Cell organelles discussed in middle school.

Cell Wall

Supports and protects the plant cell. Made of celluose. Like the great wall of China.

Cell Membrane

Found in plant and animal cells. In plants found just behind the cell wall. Protects from outside world. Like a window screen.


Brain of the cell. Holds genetic material.


Inside the nucleus. Ribosomes are made here.


clear gel like fluid. Holds organelles in place. Located inside the cell membrane and all around the nucleus.


Powerhouse of the cell. Muscle has the most mitochondria. Reminds me of a power plant or battery.

Endoplasmic Reticulum

Maze of passageways that carry proteins and other materials from one part of the cell to another.
It reminds me of a highway system.


Produces proteins. Located on the outside of the E.R. Small black dots. Reminds me of a Burger King at highway exits.

Golgi Bodies

Recieves proteins and packages and distributes to other parts of the cell. Looks like a stack of pancakes reminds me of Federal Express or UPS.


Captures energy from sunlight. Gives plants a green color. Reminds me of a solar panel.


Water filled sac. Storage area of cell. Very large in plant cells. Reminds me of a water tower.


Break down old cell parts and food. Reminds me of a clean up crew or Lysol brand cleaner.

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