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5 factors of the Internet Macro-Environment

Social factors; Legal and ethical issues; Technological factors; Economic factors; Political factors

2 most important macro-environment factors for internet marketers

Legal and ethical issues; Technological factors

Earlier view of 5 aocial factors affecting adoption of internet

No perceived benefits
Lack of trust
Security problems
Lack of skills
Cost of access

4 technological conditions

How easy it is to use; security; availability; opportunity to try products

Evaluating demand levels today and near future

Internet access among target customers; Internet use among target customers; Buying behavior of target customers

2 legal issues

privacy; abuse of information

3 examples of abuse of information

Contact information; Profile information; Behavioral information (on a single site or across sites; Purchase history, site visited etc.)

4 customizing steps

traffic building, motivation, collecting data, dialogue

traffic building

to generate traffic


To offer necessary incentives

collecting data

To ensure the collection of customer data


To keep a dialogue based on the customers interest and profile

EU principles regarding personal data

Fairly and lawfully processed; Processed for limited purposes; Adequate, relevant and not excessive; Accurate; Not kept longer than necessary; Processed in accordance with the data subject's rights; Secure; Not transferred to countries without adequate protection

Permission marketing principles

E-mail / sms (Opt-in and opt-out); Collection, storage and use of customer related information
(Clear and comprehensive information about the purpose; Opportunity to refuse the collection, storage or use)

Other Legal Aspects: Domain name system

a domain name is an internet address; in order to obtain one, the domain name must be available. Then, you can register it; It should be treated as a trademark - digital; may firms have registered many domain names, including misspellings of their one domain names, or names that are similar

3 Important Aspects of Technology Factors

Access platforms like mobile or wireless access devices; Technology convergence; SMS messaging (SMS applications such as database building, location-based services, sampling/trial, sales promotions)

5 new technologies

rss readers, tagging, mash-up, wikis, social networks

3 strategies for technology adoption

"Wait and see"-approach; Fast-follower; "Early-adopter"-approach

3 notes about strategies for technology adoption

Knowledge of opportunities and threats presented by the changes is essential; New technologies may be fads - not living up to their promise; Nevertheless, a careful review of new technologies is required

Consumer Propositions - Mobile or Wireless Access

Not Fixed Location; Location-Based Services; Instant Access/Convenience; Privacy; Personalization; Security


Use of wireless devices for informational or monetary functions

3 notes about M-Commerce

Levels of product purchases by mobile phones have proved very low; Mainly phone ringtones, music downloads, games etc.; Better access speed may change it (3G)

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