30 terms

4th Grade Chap. 4 Explorers Social Studies

A place where grain is ground into flour.
tenant farmer
They rent land on a manor, use the land to grow crops. They give part of what they grow to the owner.
Jacques Cartier
French Explorer who traveled up the St. Lawrence River.
Henry Hudson
An English Sea Captain who set sail from the Netherlands on his ship, the Half Moon. As a result of is voyage, the Dutch claimed the land along the Hudson River.
A friend with whom one is united for a common purpose.
Italian Explorer sent by the King of France. First European to reach NY.
Believed he could find Asia by sailing West from Europe. On Oct 12,1492, he landed on one of the Bahama Islands. He thought he was in India.
French Explorer. Built a permanent settlement along the St. Lawrence River - Quebec. Discovered Lake Champlain. Made allies with the Algonkians.
a settlement ruled by another country.
People who live in the colony.
New Netherland
The new Dutch colony, includes parts of New York, New Jersey and Delaware. In 1624, the first colonists sailed for New Netherlands.
A person in charge of a colony.
The first person who would own the land (in a Patroon System).
Peter Minuit
The first governor of New Netherlands.
A large piece of land that the owner rents in smaller plots to a number of farmers.
The practice of making one person the property of another.
money people pay to the government so it can perform services.
indentured servant
a person who promises to work for an employer for a period of time. In return, the employer pays for the boat trip to the colony.
Robert Livingston
a powerful land owner after the British took over the colony. He owned a large manor in the Hudson River Valley in 1686.
Peter Stuyvesant
became governor of New York Colony in 1647 for 17 years. He was governor when the British took over New Netherland.
French people who came to New York. Their religion was protestant. The French government treated them poorly because of their religion. In NY, they could practice religion freely.
the way of life of a people, including their customs, beliefs and language.
Peter Zenger
He published a newspaper called the Weekly Journal. He made fun of Governor Cosby and was thrown in jail. His case went to court and he won - an important step towards freedom of the press.
meridians, or imaginary lines on a map or globe that measure the distance east & west of the prime meridian.
measure of how far north or south a place is from the equator. Also called parallels.
prime meridian
the first line, or starting place, for measuring lines of longitude. It is marked 0 degrees on the map.
Fort Orange
The first permanent European settlement in New York. Located where Albany is today.
New Amsterdam
The first name of New York City.
Zenger Trial
An important step towards freedom of the press. The court ruled that Zenger had a right to print stories about the government - that it is the right of the people to print or tell the news.
Dutch West India Company
Set up in 1621 by the a group of Dutch businessmen. The goal was to send settlers to North America to set up a colony & trade with the Native Americans. The colonists would then sell the furst they received to this company who would then sell them in Europe.