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Civil Rights Era


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After WWII there was an increase desire for African Americans to gain equal rights. True or False?
Describe the position of Thurgood Marshall in Brown v. of Education.
He believed that separate was not equal.
The US Supreme Court ruled after Brown v. Board that...
school districts must integrate immediately.
What did the federal court order Central High in Little Rock, Arkansas, to do?
It ordered them to admit African American students.
Who sent troops to enforce Brown v. Board of Education at Central High in Little Rock, Arkansas?
President Eisenhower
What did Rosa Parks do to help the civil rights movement?
Rosa Parks got on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. She found a seat in the section for whites and didn't move when she was told to. African Americans organized the Montgomery bus boycott because of her.
How did African Americans in Montgomery Alabama get the city to change its policies?
They boycotted the Montgomery businesses and the bus companies began to lose money. They city then changed its policies about segregated buses.
How did Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. believe unjust laws should be changed?
He believe that African Americans should disobey unjust laws without using violence. (Civil disobedience)
Which group did Dr. King help found? What was this group's goal?
Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) This organization trained African Americans and others in civil disobedience.
African American churches refused to participate in the civil rights movement. true or false?
false. Churches offered support (ex: a place to rest, etc.)
When did television play an important role in a presidential campaign?
in 1960 when John F Kennedy ran against Nixon because people watched debate on TV and updates about the camping on the news
During the 1960 debate JFK appeared _____ and Nixon appeared ______.
young and handsome
tired and sick
What did both JFK and LBJ work to change for the country?
They both wanted to reduce poverty, promote civil rights, and improve education.
What happened in November, 1963?
Kennedy was assassinated
LBJ believed ins segregation. True or false
_________ helps low-income families get health care.
What was a main requirement that came about after the Civil Rights Act passed?
To ban discrimination. Ex: employers cannot refuse to hire African Americans based solely on their race.
the purpose of Head Start was to provide _____.
preschool education for poor children.
What about JFK concerned some voters?
They were Kennedy would be more loyal to his church than to the country. They feared that his religious beliefs would control his actions.
The 1960 presidential election was very close. True or false
Where did the fight against segregation occur?
Mostly in the southern states.
What did most sit-ins protest?
Segregated stores
Which civil rights group was founded by students? What was its goal or purpose?
Student Nonviolent Coordination Committee(SNCC). The goal was to gain civil rights for African Americans through nonviolent protests
What was the goal of The Freedom Riders?
They tried to desegregate buses and wanted to see if the ruling was being followed.
how were the Freedom Riders treated in Mississippi?
When they tried to enter a whites-only waiting room at the bus station, they were arrested. They were treated in a violet manner, buses were bombed.
What happened when James Meredith tried to register at the University of Mississippi?
the Mississippi state police kept Meredith from registering. Federal marshals came to protect Meredith.
The Birmingham marches pushed JFK to _____
introduce new civil rights legislation.
What was the purpose of the march on Washington?
It's goal was to show support for civil rights legislation in congress. This was in MLK gave his "I Have A Dream Speech".
During Freedom Summer, civil rights workers helped African American register to vote. True or false?
The Voting Rights Act of 1965 said that_______
The act gave the federal government more power. It would be able to force local officials to allow African Americans to register to vote.
When was The Equal Rights Amendment passed?
It was introduced in the 1970s but it never was passed.
What group did the Equal Pay Act benefit?
What was the main goal of the feminists?
To improve women rights
The largest group of Latinos in the US is ________.
Which group won better conditions for migrant farm workers through a boycott?
United Farm Workers
Where did the federal government want Native Americans to go in the 1950s?
To get jobs in the cities
The Indian Civil Rights act guaranteed _______.
protection of Native American's constitutional rights.
After 1975, disabled children had the same rights to education as other children. True or false?
Which group did César Chávez lead?
United Farm Workers