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The difference between right and left side heart failure


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Right sided Heart Failure
Right ventricle heaves
Right sided heart failure
Right sided heart failure
Jugular venous distention
Right Sided heart failure
Edema (e.g. pedal scrotum, sacrum,)
Right sided heart failure
weight gain
Right sided heart failure
increase heart rate
Right sided heart failure
Right sided heart failure
Anasarca (massive generalized body edema)
Right sided heart failure
Hepatomegaly (liver enlargement)
Right sided heart failure Symtpoms
fatigue, anxiety depression, dependent bilateral edema, right upper quadrant pain, anorexia and GI bloating, nausea
Left sided heart failure
Left ventricle heaves
Left sided Heart failure
Pulsus alternans, (alternating pulses, strong weak), Increased heart rate, PMI displaced inferiorly and posteriorly. (LV hypertrophy),
Left Sided heart failure
decreased PaO2, slight increase in PaCO2, (poor O2 exchange),
Left sided heart failure
Crackles, pulmonary edema
Left sided heart failure
s3 and s4 heart sounds
Left sided heart failure
Pleural effusion
Left sided heart failure
Changes in mental status
Left sided heart failure
Restlessness, confusion
Left sided heart failure Symptoms
Weakness, fatigue, anxiety, depression, dyspnea, shallow respirations up to 32-40 min, Paroxysymal Nocturnal Dyspnea, Orthopnea (SOB in recumbent position, dry hacking cough, nocturia, frothy pink tinged sputum (advanced pulmonary edema)
Left sided heart Failure Pathophysiology
the most common form of heart failure is left sided. Left sided HF results from left ventricular dysfunction. This prevents normal, forward blood flow and causes blood to back up into the left atrium and pulmonary veins. The increased pulmonary pressure causes fluid leakage from the pulmonary capillary bed into the interstitium and then the alveoli. this manifests as pulmonary congestion and edema.
Right Sided heart failure Pathophysiology
Right sided heart failure occurs when the right ventricle fails to contract effectively. right sided heart failure causes a backup of blood into the right atrium and venous circulation. Venous congestion in the systemic circulation results in jugular venous distention, hepatomegaly, splenomegaly, vascular congestion of the gastrointestinal tract, and peripheral edema. Right sided heart failure may result from an acute condition sich as right ventricle infarction or pulmonary embolism. Cor Pulmonale (right ventricular dilation and hypertrophy caused by pulmonary disease) can also cause right sided HF. Thr primary cause of heart failure is left sided heart failure. In this situation, left sided heart failure results in pulmonary congestionand increased pressure in the blood vessels of the lung (pulmonary hypertension). Eventually, chronic pulmonary hypertension (increased right ventricular afterload) results in right sided hypertrophy and HF.