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Zeus, thunder bolt

Ruler of the Gods, Jupiter

Hera, peacock

Juno, Goddess of women and protector of marrige

Apollo, sun and lyre

Apollo, God of light, music, and poetry

Athena, olive tree and owl

Minerva, Goddess of wisdom, warfare, and mathematics

Aphrodite, mirror of venus and dove

Venus, Goddess of love and beauty

Hades, shadows, and 3 headed dog: Cerberus

Pluto, God of the underworld

Hermes, sandal with wing and couduses

Mercury, messenger of the gods

Poseideon, trident

Neptune, God of the Sea

Ares, bloody sword

Mars, god of war

Demeter, plant

Ceres, Goddess of growing things

Artemis, bow and arrow and kilt

Diana, Goddess of the hunt and childbirth

Dionysus, grapes and cup of wine

Bacchus, God of wine and vegetation

Eros, baby with bow and arrow

Cupid, God of love

Hephaestus, hammer

Vulcan, God of forge

The Argus

The watchman with a hundred eyes.

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