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The Greek Gods and Goddesses symbols and names

Zeus, thunder bolt
Ruler of the Gods, Jupiter
Hera, peacock
Juno, Goddess of women and protector of marrige
Apollo, sun and lyre
Apollo, God of light, music, and poetry
Athena, olive tree and owl
Minerva, Goddess of wisdom, warfare, and mathematics
Aphrodite, mirror of venus and dove
Venus, Goddess of love and beauty
Hades, shadows, and 3 headed dog: Cerberus
Pluto, God of the underworld
Hermes, sandal with wing and couduses
Mercury, messenger of the gods
Poseideon, trident
Neptune, God of the Sea
Ares, bloody sword
Mars, god of war
Demeter, plant
Ceres, Goddess of growing things
Artemis, bow and arrow and kilt
Diana, Goddess of the hunt and childbirth
Dionysus, grapes and cup of wine
Bacchus, God of wine and vegetation
Eros, baby with bow and arrow
Cupid, God of love
Hephaestus, hammer
Vulcan, God of forge
The Argus
The watchman with a hundred eyes.