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  1. transient
  2. facetious
  3. profound
  4. conception
  5. perception
  1. a having great depth or seriousness
  2. b playfully humorous
  3. c passing away with time; passing from one place to another
  4. d the ability to form or understand an idea
  5. e awareness; insight

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  1. informative; contributing to one's awareness
  2. a feeling or understanding resulting from an experience
  3. possessed from birth; inborn
  4. easy going; friendly
  5. developed or learned; not naturally occuring

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  1. misconceptionthe ability to form or understand an idea


  2. cordialfriendly; sincere


  3. intuitiona fixed or strong belief


  4. inveteratelong established; deep-rooted; habitual


  5. amenableeasy going; friendly