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1 Samuel

1 Samuel
What was the name of Hannah's husband? (1:1)
What was the name of Hannah's rival? (1:2)
Why was Hannah barren? (1:6)
The Lord had closed her womb.
What did Eli think of Hannah when he first saw her in the temple? (1:13)
He thought she was drunk because she was praying but her voice was gone.
What did Hannah promise the Lord if He gave her a child? (1:11)
She would give her son to the Lord all of his days, and he would not cut his hair.
What did Hannah name her son? (1:20)
Samuel, meaning, "Because I asked the Lord for him."
What does Hannah do in the beginning of Ch. 2 after giving Samuel up to the temple? (2:1-10)
Praises the Lord and prays
Why were the servants of the temple under the authroity of Eli's sons wicked? (2:15-17)
They took the meat (sacrifice) before it was even boiled to give to the priests. The Lord saw this as treating His sacrifices with contempt.
What did Hannah bring Samuel every year? (2:19)
A robe
How many children did Hannah have? (2:21)
She conceived three sons and two daughers.
What did Eli hear about his sons doing at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting? (2:22)
They slept with women who served there.
What curse was put on Eli's family by an anonymous prophet? (2:33)
All of Eli's sons would die young.
What was the sign for the punishment put upon Eli's family? (2:34)
That Hophni and Phinehas (the two wicked sons) would both die on the same day.
Describe the word of the Lord in the early days of Samuel (3:1).
"In those days the word of the Lord was rare; there were not many visions."
How many times did the Lord call for Samuel? (3:4-10)
Why did Samuel not know the Lord? (3:7)
Because the word of the Lord had not yet been revealed to him.
Why was Samuel afraid to tell Eli what the Lord had told him? (3:11-15)
The Lord had told Samuel about Eli's punishment.
What was Israel's mistake when battling the Philistines? (4:3)
They brought the ark of the Lord to the battlefield, thinking it would allow them to defeat the Philistines, who had just defeated 4,000 of their men.
During the battle when the ark was captured, what prophecy was fulfilled? (4:11)
Eli's two sons died on the same day
How old was Eli when the ark was stolen? (4:15)
98 years old
How did Eli die? (4:18)
When he found out the ark had been captured, he fell backward off of his chair and broke his neck.
What did Phinehas' wife name her son upon hearing about Eli's death and the stolen ark? (4:21)
Ichabod, which means, "the glory has departed from Israel"
Where did the Philistines take the ark of the Lord? (5:1-2)
To Ashdod in Dagon's temple; they set it next to Dagon, their god
What was the Philistines' punishment for stealing the ark? (5:3-12)
The Lord made Dagon fall and break; He brought devestation and afflicted tumors; He brought panic.
What city was the ark moved to? (5:10)
What guilt offerings did the Philistines give back to the Israelites, along with the ark? (6:4)
Five gold tumors and five gold rats
How did the Philistines take the ark back to Beth Shemesh? (6:10)
They put it on a cart in between two cows; if they cows were led to Beth Shemesh, then the plagues came from the Lord (from the ark). However, if they went to another town, then it was merelly coincidence.
What were the people of Beth Shemesh doing when they saw the ark coming? (6:13)
They were harvesting wheat
Why did the Lord strike down and kill seventy men? (6:19)
Because they looked into the ark
Where did the men take the ark after it was returned to them? (7:1)
They took it to Abinadab's house on the hill and consecrated Eleazar his son to guard it
How long was the ark at Kiriath Jearim? (7:2)
Twenty years
Where did Samuel tell Israel to go, and in that place he would intercede for them? (7:5)
Where was Samuel's home? (7:17)
What were the names of Samuel's two wicked sons he appointed as judges of Israel? (8:2)
Joel and Abijah
What three reasons did the elders of Israel give to Samuel that they wanted a king? (8:5)
1) Samuel was old, 2) his sons were wicked, and 3) other nations had kings
What warning did Samuel give to the Israelites asking for a king? (8:11-18)
The king would take the very best women, make their sons fight in battle, take their land, their servants, their livestock, and when Israel complained God would not answer them
How does the text describe Saul? (9:2)
An impressive young man without equal among the Israelites--a head taller than any of the others.
What was Saul searching for when he ran into Samuel? (9:4)
Missing donkeys
What were prophets formerly called? (9:9)
A seer
Who does Samuel tell Saul he will meet on the way home to return to his father? (10:2)
Two men near Rachel's tomb, three men near the great tree of Tabor, and a procession of prophets
Who was the Ammonite that threatened to bring disgrace to all Israel with his army? (11:2)
How many days did the elders of Jabesh ask for before surrendering to Ammonites? (11:3)
What did Saul do to bring the fear of the Lord on Israel? (11:6-7)
He cut an ox into pieces and sent the pieces through messengers to all the tribes; the messengers told the people that if they didn't follow Saul and Samuel, that's what would happen to their oxen
How did Saul defeat the Ammonites? (11:11)
He sneaked into their camp in the middle of the night and his armies slaughtered them
What did Samuel do for Saul in Gilgal? (11:15)
He reaffirmed Saul as king over Israel
What sign did Samuel ask for during his farewell speech? (Ch. 12)
Thunder and rain
How old was Saul when he became king? (13:1)
Thirty years old
How many years did Saul reign over Israel? (13:1:)
Forty-two years
Who attacked the Philistine outpost, which initiated the next battle between the Philistines and the Israelites? (13:3)
Jonathan attacked the outpost
Where was Saul when Samuel failed to show up to sacrifice offerings so the Israelites could win the battle? (13:7-8)
What was Saul's foolish mistake, in which his consequence was that his kingdom would not endure? (13:10-14)
He offered a sacrifice instead of letting Samuel offer the sacrifice
In cahpter fourteen, what was Jonathan's battle plan, which he failed to tell his father, Saul? (14:1)
He went to attack the other Philistine outpost on the "other side"
How did Jonathan know the Lord had favor over his battle at the Philistine outpost? (14:10-12)
The Philistines told them to climb up and fight them
How had the Lord rescued Saul and his armies after the panic sent by God? (14:20)
The Philistines were in total confusion and attacking each other
Why were Saul's armies distressed? (14:24)
Saul said "cursed be any man who eats food before evening comes" and they were hungry
How did Jonathan convince the armies to eat? (14:29-33)
He ate honey and it renewed his strength
Why had the Lord not answered Saul? (14:37-45)
Jonathan tasted of the honey and broke the oath
What group was supposed to be punished because of what they had done to Israel, according to God? (15:2)
the Amalekites
How did Saul disobey Samuel's instructions? (15:9)
Samuel told Saul to destroy everything; however, Saul kept the best sheep and cattle
What is Saul's excuse for sinning? (15:24)
He was afraid of what his people would say
What prophetic sign happened as Samuel left Saul? (15:27)
Saul tore the hem of Samuel's robe; Samuel says it was a sign that the Lord has torn the kingdom from Saul
What was Saul's request of Samuel before he left? (15:30)
That Saul be honored before the elders
Who did Samuel put to death before the Lord? (15:33)
Agag king of the Amalekites
Where did the Lord send Samuel after he was mourning over Saul's rebellion? (16:1)
Who was Jesse's oldest son? (16:6)
Why did Saul need David to play the harp for him? (16:14-23)
Because the Lord sent an evil spirit to torment Saul and David's music brought tranquility to Saul's spirit
How tall was Goliath? (17:4)
Over nine feet tall
How many days did Goliath stand before the Israelites and mock them? (17:16)
What story did David tell Saul to convince him that he had been anointed with supernatural power? (17:34-37)
He killed a lion and a bear with his bare hands
Who was the commander of Saul's army? (17:55)
Why was David promoted quickly in Saul's army? (18:5)
Because David was so successful in every task he was given
Why was Saul jealous of David? (18:7-9)
Because the people were singing songs that David killed more men than Saul
Why was Saul afraid of David? (18:12)
Because the Spirit of the Lord was with David, but He had left Saul
Why was David hesitant about marrying Michal, Saul's daughter? (18:23)
He thought he was unworthy of becoming a king's son-in-law
Under what condition was David to marry Michal> (18:25)
Saul wanted a hundred Philistine foreskins; Saul's plan was for David to die
How many Philistines did David kill? (18:27)
What plan did Jonathan devise to keep David alive, as Saul wanted to kill him? (19:1-3)
He would meet with his father in a field where David was hiding, so David could overhear their conversation of Saul's plot to kill David
What oath did Saul make to Jonathan? (19:6)
Saul would not kill David
Why did Saul break his oath to Jonathan? (19:9)
An evil spirit came upon him while David was playing the harp
What plan did Michal devise to keep David alive? (19:11-13)
He climbed down her window and she put an idol in his bed with goat hair to make it look like David
What lie did Michal tell Saul's army after they discovered the idol with goat hair? (19:17)
David said, "Let me get away; why should I kill you?" to her
Where did David run to after climbing out Michal's window? (19:18)
He went to Ramah to stay with Samuel
Why was Saul's army unable to kill David when they met a group of prophets? (19:20)
They were prophesying with the prophets; this also happened to Saul
What does David ask of Jonathan to prove Saul wants to kill him? (20:5-8)
Jonathan is to tell Saul during the New Moon festival that David is in Bethlehem; if he says "very well" then David is safe but if he loses his temper then he is trying to kill David
What sign does Jonathan plot to give David if David is supposed to escape? (20:18-22)
Jonathan will pretend to shoot arrows; if the arrows are near, then David can stay, but if they arrows are far, then David must flee
After Jonathan asks Saul why David should die, how does Saul respond? (20:33)
Saul tries to kill Jonathan with a spear
Which priest did David meet in Nob? (21:1)
What did Ahimelech give David to eat? (21:6)
Consecrated bread
What weapon did David take from Ahimelech? (21:9)
The sword of Goliath
What did David do in Achish's presence because he was afraid of the king of Gath? (21:12)
He pretended he was insane
How many men gathered around David when he fled Gath to the cave of Adullam? (22:2)
400 who were in distress or in debt of discontented
Which prophet told David to go to Judah after he left his parents in the hands of the king of Moab? (22:5)
Who killed 85 priests under Saul's orders because one conspired to help David? (22:18)
Doeg the Edomite
Who fled to join David after 85 priests were killed? (22:20)
Abiathar, a son of Ahimelech
What made Saul believe that God delivered David into his hands? (23:7)
He heard that David was in Keilah, a city of gates and bars
Why did Jonathan visit David in Horesh? (23:16-18)
To help him find strength in God and to encourage him that Saul would not lay a hand on him
How was David's life spared in the Desert of Maon? (23:27-28)
There was a Philistine raid in the land; Saul's pursuit was broken
Where did David cut off a piece of Saul's robe? (24:3-4)
A cave in a sheep's pen
What did David do after Saul left the cave? (24:8)
He went after Saul, bowed before him, and told him that he had cut a piece of his robe off
How did Saul respond to David's remorse? (24:16-17)
He wept and declared that David was more righteous than he
What tragic event occurs in the beginning of chapter 25?
Samuel dies and Israel mourns for him
How did Abigail rebel against her husband Nabal? (25:18)
She brought necessities to David and his men against her husband's wishes
How did Nabal die ten days after Abigail gave food to David? (25:38)
The Lord struck him
Which two women did David marry at the end of chapter 25?
Abigail and Ahinoam
What two things did David take from Saul in the middle of the night to prove the Lord had delivered Saul into David's hands a second time? (26:12)
His spear and water jug
Why doesn't David take Saul's life when he had an opportunity twice to? (26:9)
Saul was the Lord's anointed
Where does David escape to after sparing the king's life a second time? (27:1)
Gath in the land of the Philistines
What land was David given by Achish? (27:5)
How long did David live in Ziklag? (27:8)
A year and four months
Why did Saul consult a spiritist? (28:6-7)
The Lord had not answered him by dreams or Urim or prophets, and he was afraid
What did Samuel tell Saul? (28:16-19)
The Lord had torn the kingdom from Saul and given it to David, and his life would be taken the next day
Why was David sent back home instead of going to battle with the Philistines? (29:4-10)
The Philistines believed he would turn on them in battle
What did David and his men discover when they returned home from the Philistine battlefield? (30:1-2)
The Amalekites had raided Ziklag and taken captive the women, young and old
Who did David's men find in a field on their way to the Amalekites? (30:11)
An Egyptian servant
What did some of David's men want to do with he plunder of the two hundred that stayed behind? (30:22)
They wanted to divide their plunder among them because they didn't feel the two hundred deserved their belongings
How did Saul die? (31:4)
He fell on his sword, committing suicide