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Film Production

Revision cards to help you remember the stages and roles in the film production process.

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What is an option?
The right to produce the movie by paying a fee to the original creator.
What is development?
Process of getting from an original story to the point where a film or TV project is ready for financing and production.
What is a development team?
A team - usually the writer, director and producers - who develop an idea to attract financiers.
What is a prospectus?
A selling document to attract investors.
What does a prospectus contain?
Outline of the project, creative crew, cast, filmographies.
What does a first assistant director do during development?
Breaks down all the scenes, preparing a shooting schedule.
What does a shooting schedule include?
Everything needed for every shooting day - including sets, locations, cast, extras, picture vehicles, animals and special equipment.
What is pre-production?
Preparation and planning for a film that begins when funding is secured.
During pre-production, the production department on a film deal with...
Organisation and administration - such as contact lists, schedules, script changes, meetings, location surveys, fees, accommodation, equipment, vehicles, equipment trucks, caravans, workplace safety, budgets.
During pre-production, the locations department deals with...
Locations needed by the director, permission to film on locations, council, police and traffic permissions.
During pre-production, the director of photography...
Breaks down the script to establish camera and lighting requirements, determines the visual style of the film, participates in location surveys, confirms camera equipment, conducts equipment tests.
During pre-production, the production designer and art department...
Create props, sets and costumes.
During pre-production, the special effects and stunt teams...
Break down the script to identify stunts and special effects, cast stunt performers, arrange equipment.
During pre-production, actors...
Research, learn lines, rehearse, learn skills, costume fittings and camera tests.
What does a data wrangler do?
Delivers digital footage to the editor. Saves and labels footage.
What does an editor do?
Cuts the film, ensuring it makes sense and entertains its audience.
What is colour grading?
Adjusting the colour of footage to achieve consistency and/or a particular look.
What is ADR?
Additional dialogue recording. Re-recording of dialogue to either replace dialogue that isn't clear enough in the location recording or to add offscreen dialogue that will make the story or the mood of the film more powerful.
What is the role of the dialogue editor?
Cut the recorded dialogue to fit the images in the fine cut.
What is the role of the sound effects editor?
Adds atmosphere, foley effects, sound effects and other recordings to the soundtrack.
What does a music supervisor do?
Suggest appropriate music to the director, researches the ownership of the music, negotiates licences and payments.
What is a digital cinema package?
Collection of digital files used to show films in cinemas.
What is theatrical distribution?
The process of screening films in cinemas.
What does film distribution involve?
Negotiate with exhibitors to get the film into cinemas, marketing, advertising, publicity.
What is film exhibition?
Exhibition is the retail end of the film industry. It involves screening films to audiences in cinemas.
What does a producer do?
Follows a film from development to distribution and exhibition, raising capital and ensuring it is completed on time and budget.
What does an assistant director do?
Responsible for the timing and work flow of everything and everybody on set.
What does a runner do?
A multitude of tasks including photocopying, doing lunch runs, preparing tea and coffee and picking up items needed by various departments.
What does a camera assistant do?
Maintain and prepare camera equipment, mark each shot with a clapper board, put down marks for actors.
What does a hair and makeup artist do?
Prepare the hair and makeup of actors, including prosthetic effects, during production.
What does a vehicle supervisor do?
Obtains and maintains the vehicles for a shoot.
What does the production designer do?
Responsible for studio sets, location construction, set dressing, props, action vehicles, animals and weapons.
What does a stunt performer do?
A stunt performer is responsible for performing dangerous or potentially harmful stunts on the film set.
What does a composer do?
Write original music for a film or television program.
What is production?
The process of shooting a film.
What is post-production?
Assembly of the film after production - includes editing, sound editing, music, colour grading and visual effects.