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The buffy coat of centrifuged blood consists mainly of
A.) the ejected nuclei of red blood cells.
B.) gamma globulins
C.) ruptured red blood cells whose hemoglobin has sunk to the bottom.
D.) White Blood Cells and Platelets
E.) Serum

D.) White Blood Cells and Platelets

The most abundant of the plasma proteins are the
A.) albumins
B.) hemoglobins
C.) gamma globulins.
D.) Clotting Proteins.
E.) alpha globulins.

A.) albumins.

The total blood volume in an average adult is about?
A.) 8 liters.
B.) 1 liter.
C.) 3 liters.
D.) 5 liters.
E.) 10 liters.

D.) 5 liters.

The percentage of total blood occupied by RBC's is called the
A.) red blood cell count
B.) hematocrit
C.) white blood cell count
D.) hemosiderin
E.) prostacyclin.

B.) hematocrit

Pluripotent stem cells produce
A.) neutrophils.
B.) basophils.
C.) thrombocytes.
D.) lymphocytes
E.) All answers are correct

E.) All answer are correct

The breakdown product of hemoglobin is?

biliverdin, bilirubin, urobilin, and stercobilin

Thrombopoeitin is a hormone that is?

produced by the liver to stimulate platelet formation.

The function of hemoglobin is to?

carry oxygen

when carbon dioxide is carried by red blood cells, it is carried in part by?

the amino acids in globin

oxygen is transported by RBC's by binding to?

the iron ion in the heme portion of hemoglobin

The function of transferrin is to?

carry iron ions in the bloodstream

Agranular leukocytes that are phagocytic are the


The most abundant of the leukocytes are the


The formed elements that are fragments of larger cells called megakaryocytes are


When RBC's wear out, the iron is saved and the remainder of the hemoglobin is?

excreted as bile pigments

Inflamed tissues attract phagocytes by a phenomenon called


Platelets initially stick to the wall of a damaged blood vessel because

exposed collagen fibers make a rough surface to which the platelets are attracted

A clot in an unbrokent vessel is called


A floating blood clot is called a


A Persons ABO blood type is determined by antigens present on the


The initial stimulus for the vasoconstriction that occurs in hemostasis is

Mechanical damage to the vessel

Production of enzymes such as histaminase that combat the effects of the mediators of inflammation is an important function of


Type O blood is considered the theoretical universal?

Donor because there are no A or B isoantigens on RBC's

Type AB blood contains

neither antibody A nor antibody B

The purpose of giving Rhogam to women who have just delivered a child or who have had a miscarriage or abortion is

to block recognition of any fetal RBC's by the mother's immune system

A deficiency of vitamin B12 results in

pernicious anemia

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