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1820-1822 - Was originally sent to stop the revolt against Spain. However joins the other side, and gains Mexico independence where he's crowned the emperor of Mexico. But only disposed of after 10 months.

1803 Major Spanish Settlements and reason of decline

San Antonio, Goliad, Nacogdoches are the Major Settlements and decline due to commercial policies, tyrannical corrupt officials, isolation, hostile Indians, Spanish colonial institutions unsuited to Texas, Spanish interest in gold.

Legacies of Spanish Texas

1.Spanish names for countries rivers and places.
2. Maps
3.Introduction of European livestock,
4.Judicial procedure, land,water, and family law.
5.Art, architecture, education, music, theater, religion and medicine.

Reason Anglo American immigration

1. Several thousand Anglo already living illegally in Texas
2. Indian Dangers, Anglos served as a buffer.
3. No Spaniards or Mexicans coming to Texas
4. Anglo-American immigration partial success in LA


Austins Ol' 300, settlers came in search of economic opportunuity. Very cheap land!

Panic of 1819

A depression that hit the U.S. Major reason of immigration to Texas,

Baron of Bastroph

Just a title, but was Stephen F. Austins land commissioner.

Imperial Colonization law of 1823

1. Land be occupied & improved within 2 years after recept of deed
2. Colonist profess Catholic religion
3.For 6 years colonist are exempt from Church Tithes
Children of slave born in TX be freed at age 14

National Colonization Law

Gives the state control over immigration in 1824

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