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is a public wrong


a court appearance called _______ at which time the district attorney gives the accused person a copy of the criminal charges. the govt. presents evidence through the officers why you were charged. Govt has to find probable cause.


gone forever, can't be brought back to case

Nolle prosecui

-cease and abandon all charges against you, but new evidence can bring the case alive again in 12-14 months.

Prima facie

the elements of a legal matter

Prima facie of Murder

: take a life and malice afterthought

Prima facie of Slander

Spoken, a false lie, damages

Mens rea-mental

mental element of the crime. (Mind)

Actus reus

physical element of the crime. (Action)

Doctrine of Fusion

fusing together through the evidence the physical and mental aspects of the crime

Inchoate crime

a crime that is missing the physical act; lacking actus reus.


Crimes are found in the model penal code. (Criminal law )

RICO (Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organization)

laws make it illegal for criminal organizations to profit from any legitimate business operations. Many of these laws allow for the confiscation and seizure of the criminal organization's legitimate enterprise assets, and are typically used against known "organized crime" groups. The goal is to cripple the operation financially, and cut off sources of cash that support ongoing criminal activity.

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