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France, Spain and England wanted to create empires in America in order to
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The Battle of Saratoga was important becauseThe Continental Army victory convinced France to become one of the Patriots' alliesAll of the following are weaknesses of the federal government under the Articles of Confederation EXCEPTNo system for settling western landsAll of the following are true about slavery in America EXCEPT:The 3/5 compromise meant that for every 5 slaves, 3 got to vote in electionsAll of the following term lengths below are accurate EXCEPT:Member of the House of Representatives 4 yearsThe judicial branch of the U.S. government is responsible forinterpreting laws.The division of power between the federal and state governments is calledfederalismThe Bill of Rights, a list of basic freedoms guaranteed to Americans, was promised in order to convince this group to support the Constitution.the anti-FederalistsThings Washington warned against when he was leaving officeRise above conflicts between political parties (Federalists vs. Republicans) & Getting entangled in problems between foreign countries instead of focusing on domestic challengesThe terms "loose construction" and "strict construction" relate tointerpretations of the U.S. ConstitutionAccording to the theory of states' rights, if an act of Congress is unconstitutional, a state maynullify the act (declare that it won't be enforced)All of the following were direct causes or effects of the War of 1812 EXCEPTBritish attacks on Spanish shipsWhich of the following was NOT a major part of the abolitionist movement, but rather directly related to another reform movement?The Seneca Falls, New York Convention of 1848Which of the following reformers is NOT matched with the reform movement in which they were primarily involved?Grimke sisters: TemperanceWhich of the following was NOT an effect of slave and preacher Nat Turner's Rebellion in Virginia in 1831?Decline in sectionalism"Remember the Alamo" was a call to remember:The Mexican army's massacre of American settlers defending San Antonio, TexasHer book Uncle Tom's Cabin portrayed slavery as an evil institution. The book was so controversial and increased sectionalism so much that Abraham Lincoln said to her during the Civil War, "So you're the little lady that started this big war."Harriet Beecher StoweSome major economic activities in the Northeast included:whaling and trade of goods (like ice)Workers formed trade unions toimprove wages and working conditionsSocial reformers joined the abolitionist movement because theyThought that slavery did not fit American ideals of equalityWhich of the following statements is FALSE?Blackhawk tried to fight back when the Cherokee Indians were moved from Georgia to Oklahoma as part of the Trail of Tears.Who became an abolitionist after seeing the evils of slavery on her father's plantation?Sarah GrimkeWhich of the following is NOT an example of mudslinging from the election of 1828 in which Andrew Jackson defeated John Quincy Adams to avenge his loss in 1824?Adams was accused of flip flopping on the issues.Which was NOT an effect of industrialization?The cotton gin decreases the amount of slaveryAll of the following were advantages that the North had during the war EXCEPT:Better generalsStrategies that the Union had for winning the war included:-Controlling the Mississippi River -Blockading Southern seaports -Capturing Richmond (the Confederate capital)The Union victory at Vicksburg on July 4, 1863 was significant because:The Union gained control of the MississippiWhy did more Native Americans fight for the Confederacy than the Union?- They resented the U.S. government's Indian removal programs - They owned slavesAll of the following angered pro-slavery southerners EXCEPT:The Dred Scott decisionAll of the following are correct cause and effect relationships EXCEPT:The "mini-Civil War" in Kansas called "Bleeding Kansas" led to the Kansas-Nebraska ActThe Battle of Antietam in September, 1862 was significant because:- It was the bloodiest day of the war - Lincoln made the Emancipation Proclamation after the battleLincoln's Gettysburg Address was part of a ceremony to:present awards to people who signed the Declaration of IndependenceWho was the president of the Confederacy?Jefferson DavisA definition for "States' Rights" is:The belief that states should be able to overrule federal lawsThe Confederate victory here made the Union realize that winning the war would not be easy and caused Lincoln to draft 1 million men for three years:The First Battle of Bull RunWhich of the following was an effect of The Emancipation Proclamation that was signed on January 1,1863:Thousands of African Americans (mostly former slaves) joined the Union army & All slaves in Confederate states were declared to be freeAll of the following statements are true EXCEPT:Abraham Lincoln was a radical abolitionist who vowed to abolish slavery when he was elected in 1860When Lincoln met this controversial author, he said, "So, you're the little lady who started this big war."Harriet Beecher-StoweThe Confederates attack at ________________ started the Civil War because Lincoln called up approximately 80,000 troops to put out the rebellion and, as a result of Lincoln's actions, more states seceded from the Union.Fort SumterDuring the Civil War, approximately ________ as many deaths were caused by diseases and infections as were caused directly by combatTwo times