11 terms

accounting AMANDAS

spending plan/ budget
a plan for managing your money during a given period of time.
cash flow
the money you have coming in, as well as the money you have going out.
makes up the first part of the equation- it is any money you receive.
federal income tax
a fee collected by the federal government to support its programs.
state income tax
collected by every employer on behalf of its employees.
social security tax
provides a small income and other services to the elderly, disabled Americans, and orphaned minors.
medicare tax
provides medical insurance, also to the elderly, and to some disabled Americans.
gross income
the total amount of income from your wages or before any payroll deductions.
net income
"take-home pay" amount you'll be able to deposit, and it's a good starting point for creating your spending plan.
are what you spend money on- your needs and wants.
fixed, variable, periodic or occasional
P.Y.F./ "pay yourself first
whenever you receive money, you should immediately put a certain amount into an account that you will set aside to use later to meet a long term financial goal.