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  1. character
  2. loathe
  3. harbor
  4. grim
  1. a To hold and nourish a thought or feeling in the mind
  2. b To hate or dislike greatly
  3. c Unfriendly or threatening;stern
  4. d A letter of symbol used in writing or printing

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  1. Extremely large
  2. Unchanging; steady; loyal
  3. A person in a story, movie or play
  4. To give shelter to; to take care of by hiding
  5. To speak out against something; to criticize

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  1. meddlesomeGiven to taking part in others' affairs without being asked


  2. grimUnpleasant; disturbing


  3. denounceTo accuse someone of doing wrong


  4. grimGreat pain of mind or body; suffering


  5. rouseTo hate or dislike greatly