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  1. steadfast
  2. catapulted
  3. grim
  4. rouse
  5. translate
  1. a To put into a different language
  2. b To move or be moved suddenly and with great force, as if by a catapult
  3. c Unchanging; steady; loyal
  4. d Cruel; fierce
  5. e To awaken, to wake up

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  1. To bring to an end; to do away with
  2. A protected place along a seacoast where ships can find shelter
  3. Extremely large
  4. Unfriendly or threatening;stern
  5. Unpleasant; disturbing

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  1. harborTo hold and nourish a thought or feeling in the mind


  2. denounceTo accuse someone of doing wrong


  3. loathingA feeling of hatred


  4. meddlesomeGiven to taking part in others' affairs without being asked


  5. harborTo give shelter to; to take care of by hiding