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The principal means of political participation for most Texans is by
The amendment to the U.S. Constitution which prohibited the states from denying the vote to otherwise qualified persons on grounds of race was the
15th Amendment
A device used in Texas to prevent many lower income persons from voting during much of the twentieth century was a
Poll tax
The method by which blacks were effectively barred from meaningful participation in Texas politics between 1923 and 1944 was
A white primary
Texas employed which of the following methods at one time or another during the twentieth century to deny the vote to large groups of individuals?
Literacy test, white primary, and poll tax
Amendments to the federal constitution which broadened the franchise were the
15th, 19th, and 26th amendments
The National Voter Registration Act of 1993
Required states to make voter registration available at welfare and driver-licensing offices.
The Voting Rights Act of 1965 and its subsequent amendments were aimed primarily at increasing political participation among
Ethnic minorities
In order to be qualified to vote in Texas, one must meet all of the following qualifications except being
A two year resident of the state, a one year resident of the country, and a six-month resident of the precinct
A Texas citizen's status as a registered voter is suspended if he
Changes his permanent address
The case of Smith v. Allwright (1944) held that
Since primary elections were a substantive part of the political process, any party rule prohibiting African Americans from membership in the party and participation in its primary election was unconstitutional.
The approximate percentage of eligible Texans who voted for governor in 1998 was
Which of the following is NOT likely to be a factor in low voter turnout
Decreased advertising by candidates
The single variable which appears to be the best socioeconomic predictor of the likelihood of an individual to vote is
Years of formal schooling
Based on what you know, who is most likely to vote?
Rachel Kingsford whom is 58, an attorney, married, and has an income of $110,000.
Early or absentee voting for all elections except run-offs begins how many weeks prior to the actual date of the election?
2 1/2 weeks
Which of the following probably has NOT happened because of early voting?
Higher levels of turnout
Candidates for which office are chosen by delegate convention?
President of the United States
In order to obtain a primary nomination in Texas, a candidate must receive what part of the popular vote?
A simple majority
Texas primary elections are classified as
Closed primaries requiring the voter to signify his party membership at the time of registration.
A person who votes in the first Democratic primary
May not vote in either the first or second Republican primary
The practice of many Texans of voting in the democratic primary and then voting Republican at the general election is
Crossover voting
Arranging for voting places, preparing election materials, and canvassing the vote in the Dallas County Republican Primary of 2000 was handled by
The Dallas County Republican Executive Committee
The cost of administering primary elections in Texas is paid by
Is declining in percentage terms
Turnout in Texas primary elections
Is declining in percentage terms
The first primary election in Texas is held on
The second Tuesday in March of even-numbered years
Parties are required to conduct primaries if
Their candidate for governor received the 20 percent or more of the voters cast in the most recent gubernatorial election
General election day in Texas is
The next Tuesday following the first Monday in November of even- numbered years.
The size of the vote necessary for a candidate to win a general election is
A simple majority
2000 was a presidential election year. Which of the following offices was filled in Texas at the same time?
Member of the Texas House of Representatives
A county with a population of 4,300 inhabitants and a poor tax base is most likely to use which voting method?
Paper ballots
Occupying the left-most or topmost column on Texas ballots is(are)
The party which finished first in the most recent gubernatorial election.
The size of the vote necessary to win a special election in Texas is
A simple majority
A vacancy in which of the following offices is not filled in a special election?
Texas governor
A person seeking a place on the Texas ballot as an independent candidate for the office of Commissioner of the General Land Office must
Submit a petition to the Texas secretary of state signed by a number of registered voters equal to one percent of the total vote cast for governor in the most recent gubernatorial election and who have not voted in a party primary
Preparation of the official ballot for general and special elections is done by
The county clerk or elections administrator
The securing of Wagstaff Gymnasium on the campus of Tyler Junior College as the poling place for Smith County Precinct 69 in 2000 was done by
The county elections board
The element in Texas law which has contributed to the stability of a two party system and placed third party or independent candidates at a disadvantage is
Requiring plurality votes to win a general election
The meaningful political conflict in Texas from Reconstruction through the 1950's was
Between liberal and conservative wings of the Democratic Party
The issue most responsible for internal division within the Texas Republican Party in the 1990's was
The principal purposes of party conventions in Texas are to
Select delegates to higher level conventions and set party policy
The principal functions of political parties in Texas are
Administering primaries and conducting conventions
The party system at the turn of the twenty-first century in Texas is best characterized by which of the following statements?
Texas probably has a two party system- much like that of other American states.
The state party platforms are written
By the state party conventions
Texas's slates of candidates for the office of presidential elector are nominated by their respective parties at
The state convention
Delegates to the party national nominating conventions from Texas are chosen by
The state convention based on the presidential primary results (Republican Party) and a combination of primary results and precinct convention attendance (Democratic Party).
Which statement is true of the Texas Republican organization at the turn of the twenty-first century?
The state organization is socially conservative, while local organizations tend to be fiscally conservative.
Which would a fiscal conservative be most likely to support?
A balanced government budget
Permanent party organizations in Texas
Are loosely controlled by higher levels in the organization.
The basic level in the permanent party organization in Texas is occupied by
The precinct chair
Returns from the party primaries for statewide office are canvassed by
The state party executive committee
The underlying assumption of conservative philosophy is
The good society can be achieved through the result of the efforts of individual entrepreneurs
Which policy would a conservative support?
Reduction or elimination of the federal graduated income tax
Liberals would support which one of the following policies?
Equal pay for equal work laws regarding women
The policy of less government regulation of the economy and more government involvement in social problems is known as
The political philosophy proclaimed by George W. Bush is known as
Compassionate conservatism
Texas's two-tiered, two-party system, in fact, means that
Republicans control statewide offices and Democratic local offices
Probably the single factor most responsible for Republican growth in Texas after World War 2 was
The increased size and prosperity of the Texas middle and upper classes
Which one of the following geographic areas is a Democratic stronghold in Texas?
El Paso County
Which geographic area of Texas is a Republican stronghold?
The Texas Pandhandle and Texas South Plains
Of the following lists of candidates for Texas governor during the past two decades, which contains only Republicans?
William Clements, Clayton Williams, and George W. Bush
The two trends in Texas electoral politics in the 1990's which are borne out by election returns from 1993-2000 are the
Importance of minority voters and increasing dominance of the Republican Party.
The Nineteenth Amendment granted the right to vote to
The first women elected to statewide office in Texas was
Annie Web Blanton
According to the textbook, what is the principal difficulty faced by women candidates for elective office?
Difficulty in raising money
Which of the following legislative initiatives is most likely the result of the increasing importance of women in politics?
Increased attention to public education
In Texas politics, African Americans
Overwhelmingly vote Democratic
The first elective statewide office in Texas to have been won by a Latino was
Justice of the Texas Supreme Court
Are no longer certain to vote overwhelmingly Democratic.
Texans are most apt to learn political information about candidates through
Advertising materials prepared by or for the candidates
Which of the following has NOT been suggested as a possible campaign reform in Texas?
Returning to delegate conventions for the nomination of all candidates
When a wealthy individual or political action committee makes a campaign contribution, they are most likely
Buying access
A candidate who is seeking statewide office in Texas is most likely to
Rely heavily on media advertising
The broadcast media have been criticized for
Focusing on the "Horse-race" aspect of campaigns- who seems to be leading or trailing.
A serious candidate for statewide office must have a large campaign budget to cover the cost of
Media Advertising
Professional Campaign Consultants
(All of the above)
Texas campaign finance laws
Tend to emphasize reporting of contributions and expenditures by candidates
A corporation wanting to give money to a candidate
Creates a political action committee through which it may channel funds into political campaigns