Ancient India and Ancient China

What two Ancient Indian civilization form around? What are the mountain ranges of India?
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Explain what life like under the Qin Dynasty. When did the Qin Dynasty fallWho eventually won the Period of the Warring States? When? The leader named himself what?What are the 2 major rivers of China that ancient civilizations formed around? (also: what is one of the rivers called? Why? What is important about the length of the other river)Huang He River- number of people killed in the floods aka chain sorrow Chang Jiang- 3rd longestWho was Confucius? What is the message of Confucianism?protect and do rightWhat was the Period of the Warring States? What was this time period like for the common people of China?dynasty came to an end, very violent and brutalWhat is the Mandate of Heaven?God given right to ruleWhat mountain range is to the west of China? What mountain range acts as a natural border between China and India? What desert is in the north?Kunlun shan and tianshan are west, Gobi is norht, Naturally protectedWho was Wu Wang and what did he do? What dynasty did he create? When were they in power?wealthy land owner, over threw the last shang king, zhou dynasty, 1045-256 BCHow did the first dynasty use warlords?Answer the king and expand area, govern areasWhat was the first Chinese Dynasty? When were they in power?Shang Dynasty, 1750 BC-1045 BC