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30 terms

BCA Unit A excel

Tools on the Page Layout tab include a Page Setup group, where you can adjust print orientation, paper size, and page breaks
An excel workbook has the file extension .xml.
You are in edit mode any time you are entering or changing the contents of a cell
When the paper orientation is set on landscape, the contents will print across the width of the page
your use formulas in Excel to perform calculations such as adding, multiplying, and averaging
in page layout view, the dotted line indicates the print area
page layout view shows the worksheet without including certain details like headers and footers or tools like rulers and a page number indicator
in an electronic spreadsheet, you need to manually recalculate when you change the entries
charts are updated automatically in Excel whenever data changes
arguments are excel's built in formulas
in excel, a worksheet is contained in a file called a ______
in excel, the electronic spreadsheet you work in is called a __________
you can use predesigned, formatted files called _____ to create new worksheets quickly
an electronic _______ is an application you use to perform numeric calculations and to analyze and present numeric data
scroll bars
you can use ____ to move around in a document that is too large to fit on the screen at once
create what if scenarios
you can use a spreadsheet to _________ using variable values to investigate and sample different outcomes
the excel operator for exponent is ____
the excel operator for division is _____
all excel formulas begin with the _____-
______ are entries that contain text and numerical information not used in calculations
excel recognizes an entry as a value if it is a number or begins with ____
____________ consists of the information needed by a function to calculate an answer
to quickly jump to the first cell in a worksheet press_______
you can use the __________ keys on the keyboard to navigate a worksheet
double click the cell, click the formula bar, or just start typing
you can edit the contents of an active cell by _________
[alt][page up]
to move a screen to the left press
in a worksheet, _________ is called the formula prefix
turn on and off gridlines and headlines
in the sheet options group on the page layout tab, you can
possible paper orientations for printing a worksheet are landscape and __________
____________ operators perform mathmatical calculations such as adding and subtracting