10 terms

quiz 2/17/11 #2

the ovum is the
mature egg cell (femal gamete)
pregnancy term:
ovarian sac
corpus leteum
resporatory disorder in the neonate
hyaline membrane disease
adnexa uteri
falopian tubes, ovaries, and supporting ligaments
surgical laparoscopy always includes:
antepartum care includes:
intitial and subsequent history, physical examinations, blood pressure, weight, routine urinalysis, fetal heart tones, monthly visits to 28 weeks bi weekly 29-36 weeks weekly37
the anatomy in the female genital system subsection starts with the vulva and progress upward to the:
incision and drainage of these glands are not reported using female genital system codes, but are instead reported using surgery section, urinary system codes:
skene's gland
according to the text, vulvectomy codes are divided based on the __?__ and extent of vulvar area removed during the procedure