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  1. stake
  2. Plantation
  3. kerosene
  4. vary
  5. paddle
  1. a A stake is a small, sharp piece of wood or metal that is put into the ground.
  2. b Keronsene is a type of oil. It is used in some lamps and stoves.
  3. c A paddle is a piece of wood or plastic that moves a boat across water.
  4. d A plantation is a big farm that only grows certain kind of crops.
  5. e To vary means to be different from another thing in size or amount.

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  1. A thorn is a shar part of a plant.
  2. Your character is your personality.
  3. The texture of something is the way its surface looks and feels.
  4. A rate is the speed at which something happens.
  5. When something is divine it is related to gods.

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  1. arcAn arc is a curved shape.


  2. beverageA beverage is a drink.


  3. humidWhen it is humid,there is a lot of water in the air.


  4. grapefruitA raft is a float floating made from pieces of wood tied together.


  5. raftA rate is the speed at which something happens.