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  1. beverage
  2. Conscience
  3. vary
  4. rapid
  5. stake
  1. a When something is rapid, it moves or changes very quickly
  2. b Your conscience is your inner sense of what is right and wrong.
  3. c To vary means to be different from another thing in size or amount.
  4. d A stake is a small, sharp piece of wood or metal that is put into the ground.
  5. e A beverage is a drink.

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  1. Keronsene is a type of oil. It is used in some lamps and stoves.
  2. Paradise is the place or condition of happiness where things are perfect.
  3. A cluster of things is a small group of them placed close together.
  4. To wreck something means to destroy or ruin it.
  5. If you are horrified, you are very shocked and feel upset.

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  1. condensedWhen a liquid is condensed,it is made thicker.


  2. odorAn odor is a very distinct smell.


  3. thornA thorn is a shar part of a plant.


  4. contemporaryA steward is a person like a waiter who serves food on planes s\and ships .


  5. loopA loop is a line made into the shapes not a circle.


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