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  1. rate
  2. raft
  3. rapid
  4. steward
  5. Conscience
  1. a A rate is the speed at which something happens.
  2. b When something is rapid, it moves or changes very quickly
  3. c Your conscience is your inner sense of what is right and wrong.
  4. d A steward is a person like a waiter who serves food on planes s\and ships .
  5. e A raft is a float floating made from pieces of wood tied together.

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  1. An arc is a curved shape.
  2. The palate is the top part of our mouth.
  3. Your character is your personality.
  4. If something is fiery, it is burning strongly.
  5. Hay is dry grass used as a covering.

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  1. horrifiedWhen it is humid,there is a lot of water in the air.


  2. PlantationThe palate is the top part of our mouth.


  3. grapefruitA grapefruit is a fruit similar to an orange, but bigger and not as sweet.


  4. ParadiseA paddle is a piece of wood or plastic that moves a boat across water.


  5. varyTo vary means to be different from another thing in size or amount.