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  1. palate
  2. fiery
  3. horrified
  4. condensed
  5. character
  1. a If something is fiery, it is burning strongly.
  2. b The palate is the top part of our mouth.
  3. c If you are horrified, you are very shocked and feel upset.
  4. d Your character is your personality.
  5. e When a liquid is condensed,it is made thicker.

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  1. When something is subtle,it is not easy to see or notice.
  2. When something is soothing,it makes you calm and relaxed.
  3. An admiral is someone who controls many military ships.
  4. When something is toxic,it is poisonous.Toxic things are very dangerous.
  5. When something is rapid, it moves or changes very quickly

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  1. clusterA cluster of things is a small group of them placed close together.


  2. fleshFlesh is the skin, muscle and fat on your body.


  3. loopWhen something is sour,it has a sharp and unplesent taste.


  4. accidentAn accident is an unexpected undesirable event.


  5. combineWhen something is divine it is related to gods.