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  1. hay
  2. wreck
  3. Paradise
  4. grapefruit
  5. Plantation
  1. a A plantation is a big farm that only grows certain kind of crops.
  2. b To wreck something means to destroy or ruin it.
  3. c Hay is dry grass used as a covering.
  4. d A grapefruit is a fruit similar to an orange, but bigger and not as sweet.
  5. e Paradise is the place or condition of happiness where things are perfect.

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  1. To vary means to be different from another thing in size or amount.
  2. An odor is a very distinct smell.
  3. To combine is to join together to make a single thing or group.
  4. If something is fiery, it is burning strongly.
  5. Keronsene is a type of oil. It is used in some lamps and stoves.

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  1. ConscienceWhen a liquid is condensed,it is made thicker.


  2. cultivateTo cultivate plants is to care for them and help them grow.


  3. stringWhen something is soothing,it makes you calm and relaxed.


  4. divineWhen something is divine it is related to gods.


  5. AromaAn Aroma is a scent or smell.