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  1. divine
  2. hay
  3. rapid
  4. stake
  5. kerosene
  1. a A stake is a small, sharp piece of wood or metal that is put into the ground.
  2. b When something is rapid, it moves or changes very quickly
  3. c Hay is dry grass used as a covering.
  4. d When something is divine it is related to gods.
  5. e Keronsene is a type of oil. It is used in some lamps and stoves.

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  1. An accident is an unexpected undesirable event.
  2. Flesh is the skin, muscle and fat on your body.
  3. An arc is a curved shape.
  4. When something is subtle,it is not easy to see or notice.
  5. When something is toxic,it is poisonous.Toxic things are very dangerous.

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  1. odorA loop is a line made into the shapes not a circle.


  2. stringString is thin piece of fabric or rope.


  3. ConscienceTo combine is to join together to make a single thing or group.


  4. wreckAn arc is a curved shape.


  5. clusterYour character is your personality.