American History 2/16

Food Administration Goals:
-Institue voluntary days of food conservation
-advocate ordinary Americans having liberty gardens
- raise farm prices
All men 18-35 must register for draft
War Industries Goals:
- set prices (prevent inflation)
-establish wages (can't have strike)
- set standards for production (all weapons made the same)
The Great Migration
Over 1.5 million blacks moved from the South to the North in hopes of find more job opportunities
W.E.B DuBois
"Blacks should fight in the war"
George Creel
Leader of the Committee on Public Information
Committee on Public Information
Wanted Americans to feel good about war.
Sedition Act
You cannot criticize war effort. If you do you can be fined up to $10,000 or spend 20 years in prison
Schenck v U.S.
Challenged the Sedition Act. Ruling stated that America does have the right to uphold the Sedition Act under Clear and Present Danger Act.
Article 231
The War Guilt Clause
War Guilt Clause
Germany has to accept sole responsibility for the war
Article 232
Germany has to pay over 20 billion dollars in reparations
William Borah
Leader of the "Irreconcilables"
refuse to ratify the treaty of Versailles. Completely against the treaty
Henry Cabot Lodge
Leader of the Reservationists
Treaty of Versailles is ok but needs some revisions