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People who were not in the original case, come forth with interest in lawsuit and become parties.


Several plaintiffs have filed lawsuits stemming from the same situation so the courts bring all the cases together to reduce strain on the court system.


What is the only issue that does not have a statute of limitation?

For judgment on the pleadings

A motion __________ alleges that if all of the facts presented in the pleadings are true, and if the proper law is applied to the facts, the moving party is entitled to win the lawsuit.

For summary judgment

A motion __________ asserts that there are no factual disputes to be decided by the jury, and that the judge should apply the relevant law to the undisputed facts and decide the case; this motion can be made by either party, and is supported by evidence outside of the pleadings, including affidavits from the parties and witnesses, documents related to the litigation, and depositions.


The simplest form of alternative dispute resolution is engaging in __________ between the parties to settle a dispute.


___________ is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which a neutral third party assists the disputing parties in reaching a settlement of their dispute (without deciding the dispute.)


___________, a form of alternative dispute resolution, is often used when the disputing parties refuse to face each other in an adversarial setting.

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