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Deer's Skull with Pedernal


Death and Life


The Banjo Lesson


Still Life with Fruit


Execution of the Third of May 1808


Dancer Adjusting Her Slipper


The School of Athens



Mountain Stream



Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse



Le Boulevard du Temple



Autumn Tree against Cathedral Rocks

[ Yosemite ]


Logos for IBM, UPS, and ABC


La Goulue at the Moulin Rouge



Campbell's Soup Cans

[pop art]


The Burghers of Calais


The Gates

Christo and Jeanne-Claude






Rome, Italy

Taj Mahal


Eiffel Tower



Wainwright Building

St. Louis,MO
[first modern building]


Sydney Opera House



U.S. Pavilion, Expo 67 Montréal

[geodesic dome]


Guggenheim Museum Bilbao



Fallingwater House

Bear Run Pennsylvania


In a two-dimensional work of art that is balanced symmetrically, the implied center of gravity is

along the vertical axis down the center of the composition.

Georgia O'Keeffe's painting Deer's Skull with Pedernal is a prime example of

symmetrical balance.

Because she painted it repeatedly and because she lived out her life there, Georgia O'Keeffe is most closely associated with

New Mexico.

Another term for asymmetrical balance is

informal balance.

In art, the design principle of balance functions to

All these answers are correct.5.5

Henry Ossawa Tanner's The Banjo Lesson creates emphasis through

All these answers are correct5.6

The ancient Roman architect Vitruvius associated the perfected male form with the perfect geometry of

the circle and square

The use of scale to indicate relative importance is known as ________ scale.


The architect Le Corbusier designed the Modulor, a tool he used for calculating human proportions, based upon

the golden section

Artists will often add ________ to provide interest and enliven the unity of a work of art.


Edgar Degas drew a grid over his study of a dancer in order to

make the drawing easier to copy

The ________ are credited with the invention of paper around 5 C.E.


The coloring material in virtually all drawing media is known as


The difference in the color and consistency of different types of crayons and pastels is due to

the use of different binders.

An example of a liquid medium in drawing is

pen and ink

What is pigment in paint?

powdered color

Which of the following is an example of a nonaqueous medium?

oil paint

The painting technique used in the first century in Egypt, Greece, and Rome that involves the use of wax is


In buon fresco, or true fresco, pigment is mixed with water and applied to

wet plaster

After building a canvas and before painting it, a painter generally applies a coat of


In fresco painting, a drawing called a ________ is transferred to the prepared surface prior to applying the pigment.


Watercolor's primary characteristic is its


In oil painting, linseed oil acts as

a binder.

The first acclaimed artist to understand and exploit oil painting was

Jan van Eyck.

One of the advantages of oil painting is that it dries very slowly. This allows for

All these answers are correct. 7.10

In printmaking, where multiple images are made from the same original design, each individual print is called

an impression.

If a print is numbered 4/100, what information can be deciphered?

There are 96 other prints in the edition.

Which is NOT one of the four basic printmaking processes?


A rubber stamp creates what type of print?


Printing impressions on top of one another from separate blocks in order to achieve full-color woodcut prints requires careful alignment of the paper, known as


The supervision by one individual or group over the artistic expression of another individual or group is known as


In 1878, Eadweard Muybridge photographed a galloping horse, and discovered that

galloping horses occasionally have all four hooves off the ground.

The use by artists of the camera obscura (literally dark room) began in

the Italian Renaissance

A daguerreotype was an early photographic method created using a

copper plate covered with silver iodine.

Artists primarily used the camera obscura to

produce naturalistic drawings of the world.

The Farm Security Administration of the U.S. Department of Agriculture

paid photographers to document the Great Depression.

Despite an enthusiastic public acceptance, the success of the daguerreotype was limited by

the inability to make multiple images from one negative.

One of the most celebrated 19th-century artists, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, created posters for the famous dance hall called

the Moulin Rouge.

The ________ first made it possible to devise a notice that could be reproduced in large numbers and distributed widely.

printing press

Although symbols convey information and embody ideas,

they have no meaning in themselves; their meaning is invented by cultural use; and the ideas they embody may change radically with time.

According to the author, graphic design as we know it today has its roots in two developments. They are

the printing press and the Industrial Revolution.

A ________ is often the first and key element in creating a complete corporate identity.


An image created to accompany words is called

an illustration.

A designer's blueprint for books and magazines and other works in print is called

a layout.

Graphic design used to be known as ________ art.


Four basic methods for making a sculpture are

modeling, casting, carving, and assembling.

The additive process of sculpture includes

both assembling and modeling.

The subtractive process involves


High-relief sculpture is different than low-relief sculpture in that

high-relief projects boldly from the background, and elements of high-relief may be in the round, unattached to the background.

What separates the art object from the craft object?

There is no definite line.

Fired earthenware is often referred to by its Italian name,

terra cotta.

An archaeologist asked ________ to reconstruct an entire pot from a broken piece he had found, thus launching her career and the revival of Pueblo pottery.

Mar'a Mart'nez

Using a steel framework with masonry sheathing, the ________, designed by Louis Sullivan, is thought by many to be the first genuinely modern building.

Wainwright Building

Stacking and piling is another term for

load-bearing construction.

The Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian styles are known as the

Greek orders.

The ability of a material to span horizontal distances with a minimum of support is called

tensile strength.

Built for the World's Fair in 1889, the ________ was an early experiment in iron construction.

Eiffel Tower

________ is most famous for his design of the geodesic dome.

R. Buckminster Fuller

The International style emphasizes

all of these: clean lines, geometric form, and avoidance of superficial decoration.

A ________ is a horizontal form supported at only one end.


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