Self Assesments: Chapters 6-10 Human Development


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Albert just thought of a novel way to consider the relationship between matter and the speed of light. According to Sternberg, this action best exemplifies _____ ability.
Which most accurately describes long-term memory?
a.temporary and unlimited capacity
b.permanent and limited capacity
c.permanent and unlimited capacity
d.temporary and limited capacity
c. permanent and unlimited capacity
Which describes one of the major criticisms of Piaget's theory concerning formal operational thought?
a. Piaget argued that cognitive development continues to advance into old age, while research has found little change after age 20.
b. The belief that only males could think abstractly was sexist.
c. Adolescents do not appear as cognitively competent as Piaget thought.
d. Adolescent thinking is not as irrational as Piaget predicted.
c. Adolescents do not appear as cognitively competent as Piaget thought.
When reading a book for his psychology exam, Wilhelm knows that it is important to focus on the summary sections at the end of the chapter. This attempt to improve comprehension is best associated with
the use of an appropriate reading strategy.
Which best describes a knowledge-telling strategy?
a. Write anything and then check back to find main points.
b. Write down anything on the topics as it pops into memory.
c. Decide on key information and write it first.
d. Write down themes first and facts second.
b. Write down anything on the topics as it pops into memory.
Which statement about youth sports is true?
a. Sports involvement can lead to improved social skills.
b. Participating in sports and cheerleading seems to significantly decrease involvement in delinquent behaviors.
c. The greatest benefit of involvement is found with coaches who rely heavily on criticism and punishment.
d. When teens find a sport "stressful" they tend to compensate with greater effort.
a. Sports involvement can lead to improved social skills.
In reading, the process of identifying a unique pattern of letters is called
word recognition.
Working memory is best described as being
temporary and limited in capacity.
Dee used to think that everyone else liked the same people she did and hated the same people she did. She now realizes that different people have different opinions toward others. Piaget would suggest that Dee has recently become a _____ thinker.
concrete operational
Ten-year-old Ziggy is best described as "mildly" mentally retarded, as his level of intellect is just below the "normal" range. In addition, his retardation appears not to be due to any biological damage. Given this description, Ziggy is best categorized
with familial mental retardation.
Marissa is a researcher who believes that to understand childrearing you must get beyond looking solely at how parents treat their children and look at the behavior of the children, the behavior of their siblings, the behavior of the parents toward each other, and the neighborhood in which the child lives. It is most likely that Marissa supports a _____ view of childrearing.
Sixteen-year-old Yvonne is a member of the "Jocks," the highest status crowd at the school. It is most likely that Yvonne has
high self-esteem.
Simon spanks his son Paul in order to get him to stop acting aggressively. Which outcome is least likely in the long term?
a. Paul will not internalize the social rules concerning aggressive behavior.
b. Paul will stop being aggressive.
c. Paul will become fearful of Simon.
d. Paul will become more aggressive.
d. Paul will become more aggressive.
What is the best advice you could give to an adolescent trying to gain popularity among their school peers?
a. "Be quiet."
b. "Be aggressive."
c. "Be subservient."
d. "Be nice."
d. "Be nice."
How can Hati's parents increase her odds of associating with the "brainy crowd" at school?
a. make time with friends contingent on academic performance
b. hire her a tutor
c. avoid forcing her to make decisions concerning the family
d. monitor her out-of-school behavior
d. monitor her out-of-school behavior
The use of _____ in descriptions of people tends to increase as we age.
personality traits
A friendship is both
voluntary and mutual.
Concerning blended families,
biological children often fear that their parent's relationship with their new spouse will disturb the relationship they have with their parent.
When all of his buddies call home to tell their parents they will be getting home late from the game, Adolf doesn't bother, saying, "My mom and dad are too busy to care about me. They don't care how late I'm out-in fact, they never even ask where I'm going." If Adolf is right, his parents are most likely exhibiting an _____ parenting style.
As a typical parent in Latin America, Maria would place great emphasis on developing a strong sense of _____ in her children.
family ties
When asked how she makes moral judgments, 15-year-old Puff says, "I do what my daddy says is right." This comments indicate that he is in the _____ level of moral thinking.
Which of the following factors seems to be most involved in change in the average age of menarche that has been seen in many industrialized nations over the past 150 years?
a. nutrition
b. parenting skills
c. education
d. genetics
a. nutrition
The fact that 250-pound Robyn's basal metabolic rate affects her weight supports the role of _____ in obesity.
Based on statistics, which of the following 16-year-old males is most likely to die in an incident involving a firearm?
a. Fred, who is European American
b. Ted, who is Asian American
c. Ned, who is African American
d. Ed, who is Hispanic American
c. Ned, who is African American
Postconventional moral thinking is characterized by judgments made according to a(n)
personal code of behavior.
Which event defines spermarche?
a. the original meiosis of sperm
b. the ejaculation of sperm
c. the production of sperm
d. the implantation of sperm into an egg
b. the ejaculation of sperm
A typical teenage girl should consume approximately _____ calories each day.
The speed at which the body consumes calories is referred to as
basal metabolic rate.
Which is a defining characteristic of anorexia nervosa?
a. increased body mass index
b. binge eating
c. an irrational fear of being overweight
d. purging through vomiting
c. an irrational fear of being overweight
As a typical young teen, Maurice would be best at detecting _____ flaws in arguments.
ad ignorantian
Which high school student is most likely to benefit from her job?
a. Connie, who works 30 hours a week year-round, in her father's garage
b. Joan, who works 20 hours a week year-round, in a punk band
c. Moua, who only works 25 hours a week during the summer
d. Patti, who works 15 hours a week year-round, in a department store
a. Connie, who works 30 hours a week year-round, in her father's garage
When asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" 10-year-old G. W. says, "My dad says I should be President, so I guess that's what I'll be." According to Marcia, G. W. is best thought of as being in a state of identity
The defining characteristic of status offenses is that they
are not crimes if committed by adults.
_____ identity status is based largely on the input of adults (i.e., parents, role models).
Ford is considering driving his car onto a lake that appears to be frozen but may not be safe. He thinks to himself, "Only dummies fall through the ice in their cars and I am no dummy, so I will drive on the ice even though I am not sure it's safe." Ford's decision best exemplifies the concept of
an illusion of invulnerability.
When asked why she became pregnant, 15-year-old Tanya says, "I did it on purpose so that I could be a loving adult mom." According to the model in the text, this rationale best fits with the _____ reason for not using contraceptives.
lack of motivation
Learning about one's culture and heritage sets the foundation for a person's _____ identity.
Sixteen-year-old Paris' motto is, It's all about me! This belief fits well with the concept of adolescent
Which elementary-school-age child would likely have the highest level of self-esteem?
a. Ruby, who is African American.
b. Opal, who is European American.
c. Topaz, who is Hispanic American.
d. as ethnicity does not impact self-esteem, all these children would have the same level of self-esteem
b. Opal, who is European American.
Norepinephrine is a type of