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Just the tu forms of the verbs

tú hablas

you speak

tú estudias

you study

tú cantas

you sing

tú bailas

you dance

tú miras

you watch, you look at

tú escuchas

you listen to

tú nadas

you swim

tú trabajas

you work

tú practicas

you practice

tú navegas (por la Red)

you surf the Internet

tú aprendes

you learn

tú bebes

you drink

tú comes

you eat

tú corres

you run

tú lees

you read

tú subes

you climb

tú vives

you live

tú eres (un estudiante)

you are (a student)

tú estás (en clase)

you are (in class)

tú vas (a la playa)

you go (to the beach)

tú vas (de compras)

you go (shopping)

tú juegas

you play (a sport)

tú tocas

you play (an instrument)

tú tienes

you have

tú vienes

you come

tú patinas

you skate

tú escribes

you write

tú contestas

you answer

tú preguntas

you ask

tú vendes

you sell

tú compras

you buy

tú necesitas

you need

tú abres

you open

tú haces

you make, you do

tú comprendes

you understand

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