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  1. States' Rights
  2. extremist
  3. Rotten Borrough
  4. Lord Durham
  5. Louis Pasteur
  1. a discovered that bacteria grew in alcohol fermentation. He also discovered that heat killed these germs, and started to develop the germ theory of disease.
  2. b Political belief that individual states had more political authority than the federal government. This says that states can nullify a federal law or withdraw from the union.
  3. c British lord that investigated the problems among colonists in Canada and suggested combining Upper and Lower Canada into the Province of Canada and giving colonists the right to govern themselves.
  4. d Voting district that still has lots of representation in parliament but not a large population due to urbanization.
  5. e Someone who takes violent or extreme measures to achieve a goal

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  1. a British physicist who theorized that atoms were made up of smaller particles called electrons, neutrons, and protons.
  2. She and her daughters created a militant women's rights organization (WSPU)
  3. Movement started by Jewish people to create a homeland in Palestine in order to escape prejudice.
  4. The government of France that replaced Napoleon the 3rd. It lasted for over 60 years beginning in 1875.
  5. Government sanctioned attack on Jewish people in Russia

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  1. Orville and Wilbur WrightFrench Noble Prize winners who discovered radioactivity and the elements of radium and polonium in the early 1900s.


  2. Sigmund FreudThe right to vote


  3. Gregor Mendelto withdraw


  4. Henry FordAmerican mechanic who developed the use of assembly line production to mass produce cars for the public.


  5. AustraliaThe right to vote