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  1. Segregation
  2. Dmitri Mendeleev
  3. Charles darwin
  4. Dreyfus Affair
  5. Reconstruction
  1. a the time period (1865-1877) when Union forces occupied the south and enforced laws that the federal government and constitutional protection of African Americans.
  2. b British naturalist that developed the theory of natural selection and evolution (1859)
  3. c An incident in which a French Jewish army officer was framed for treason. This was a major scandal for the 3rd republic because, at first, they were willing to let him sit in jail so that the French army didn't look bad. Popular support forced the gov't to free him thus saving the 3rd republic
  4. d Policy of separating the races that was a law in the south from the end of reconstruction to the civil rights movement of the 1960's
  5. e Russian chemist that developed the Periodic Table of Elements in 1869.

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  1. Federal fort in the harbor of Charleston, SC. Civil war was started when southern forces fired on this fort.
  2. The government of France that replaced Napoleon the 3rd. It lasted for over 60 years beginning in 1875.
  3. a British physicist who theorized that atoms were made up of smaller particles called electrons, neutrons, and protons.
  4. an American inventor of the late 1800s that developed over 1,000 patents at his Menlo Park, NJ laboratory.
  5. A law issued by Lincoln freeing the slaves in the confederate states. This made the civil war a moral war to end slavery.

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  1. Rotten BorroughThis means to have political sovereignty in domestic affairs.


  2. States' RightsPolitical belief that individual states had more political authority than the federal government. This says that states can nullify a federal law or withdraw from the union.


  3. Emmeline PankhurstShe and her daughters created a militant women's rights organization (WSPU)


  4. Lord DurhamBritish lord that investigated the problems among colonists in Canada and suggested combining Upper and Lower Canada into the Province of Canada and giving colonists the right to govern themselves.


  5. radioactivitya powerful form of energy released by some elements.