RCR-Basic 10-13

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The main way in which the organization Doctors Without Borders acts on social responsibilities is by:
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As a first step, what must be done before enrolling a young child in a research protocol?The risks and benefits must be explained to the child's parents or legally authorized representative.Which statement best describes information that must be included in a consent form?A description of the research's potential benefits and risksWhich statement most accurately describes the process leading to the development of the Nuremberg Code:It was created in response to the harms caused by Nazi researchers around the time of the Second World War.Which of following protocols is the one that is most likely to require IRB review?A study to evaluate a newly designed wheelchair by asking elderly individuals to use it.The three ethical principles discussed in the Belmont Report are:Respect for Persons, Beneficence, JusticeWhich of the following statements most clearly illustrates the principle of beneficence?Determining whether the benefits of a study outweigh the risks.Which of the following most clearly illustrates Russell and Burch's Replacement concept?The use of computer modeling software instead of using animals in an experiment.Which of the following is the general guideline that IACUCs use to evaluate the potential pain of a procedure conducted with animals?Any procedure that causes pain or distress in human beings may cause pain or distress in other animals.What is the primary purpose of the "3Rs" concept from Russell and Burch?To decrease the use of animals in research and to minimize pain and distress caused by animal experiments.Which of the following is true regarding the use of animals in research?The attending veterinarian must be allowed to have access to all research animals at all times.Which of the following most accurately describes the process that must occur when working with research animals covered by U.S. federal regulations?The research team must obtain IACUC approval for the proposed research procedures prior to starting the work.Which justification would an IACUC most likely accept if a research team plans to withhold pain relief (analgesia) from animals during a project?Documented evidence that the analgesic agent will interfere with the aims of the project.Prior to implementing any significant change in the use of animals, what is the most important thing that the research team must do?Obtain IACUC approval for the change.Which of the following is the main reason why proper training in euthanasia techniques is important?Improper techniques can cause unnecessary pain and distress in animals.Which of the following is empowered by the U.S. federal government to review and approve research activities involving vertebrate animals?The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)Which entity is responsible for monitoring institutional compliance with PHS Policy?The Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW)Ecocentrism is the view that:An entire ecosystem can have moral value.Immanuel Kant's categorical imperative suggests that:An action is morally correct if it can be universalized.Requiring industries to recycle 25% of plastics in their manufacturing process is an example of:Risk management.Which of the following is the clearest example of a macroethical issue?Balancing risks and benefits from nanotechnology research.The anthropocentric viewpoint implies that:Engineers should consider how much pollution their devices create because of how human health is affected.