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Amendment 1

Freedom of religion, speech, press, petition, and assembly

Amendment 2

Right to bear arms

Amendment 3

Cannot quarter soldiers when war is not in session

Amendment 4

Prohibits unlawful searches and seizures

Amendment 5

Against double jeopardy

Amendment 6

Quick and Speedy Trial

Amendment 7

Trial by Jury

Amendment 8

No cruel or unusual punishment

Amendment 9

There are rights guaranteed to the people that aren't in the Constitution.

Amendment 10

Powers not given to the federal government is given to the states and the people

Amendment 13

Abolishes slavery

Amendment 14

Guarantees for/of US citizenship

Amendment 15

Voting can not be limited to people because of race/color

Amendment 18

Alcohol was banned.

Amendment 19

Voting can not be limited to people because of gender

Amendment 22

A president can only be elected for 2 terms.

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