17 terms

Chapter 4 - Progressivism

a writer who dramatized the need for reform
Lincoln Steffens
wrote about the abuses of government
Jacob Riis
wrote about the terrible housing conditions
Upton SInclair
wrote about the horrors of the meat industry
John Muir
influenced Theodore Roosevelt's policies on the environment
Clayton Anti-Trust Act
strengthened laws against monopolies
Federal Reserve Act
placed banks under control of the government
National Reclamation Act
controlled water distribution in the Soutwest
Federal Trade Commission
Monitor business practices that lead to monopolies
Hepburn Act
gave the ICC strong enforcement powers
Nineteenth Amendment
declared voting would no longer be determined by gender
Lattimer Mine Massacre
an incident in PA that serves as an example to teh violence of a labor dispute.
Pure Food and Drug Act and Meat Inspection Act
placed controls on the meat packing industry
the right to vote; usually referred to as the 19th Amendment giving voting rights to women.
Alice Paul and Carrie Catt
Two women responsible for the passage of the 19th Amendment
Sherman Anti-Trust Act
law passed to outlaw monopolies
Square Deal
TR's plan for giving Americans a fair shot at life