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  1. Un mundo de amor para ti, de un corazón que te quiere.
  2. rosa
  3. Te quiero
  4. Tú tienes mi corazón
  5. Siempre te amaré
  1. a A world of love for you from a heart that loves you.
  2. b I love you (affection)
  3. c I will always love you
  4. d rose
  5. e You have my heart

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  1. boyfriend
  2. For ever
  3. You and only you.
  4. February 14
  5. bow and arrow

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  1. Para un buen amigo/aFor a good friend.


  2. Estoy pensando en ti.I am thinking of you.


  3. carta de amorLove letter


  4. un abrazoarm


  5. Amor a primera vistaLove at first sight