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What year Comcast cares day was created?
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This is a Rising 60 stories building above the busy streets of Center City in Philadelphia?Comcast Technology CenterThis is is the year when comcast technology center was completed?2019People magazine and Great Place to Work ranked us No. 4 in the country on their "Companies that Care" list in what year ?2018Comcast Launched a new volunteer and social impact program early this year is called ?Comcast NBCUnitesComcast Partners with this Organization to Mentor young people?Big Brothers Big Sisters"Comcast and NBC Universal help perform Technology assessments with what Organization?"Boys & Girls ClubsComcast Serves in the National and local Boards of what companies?City Year, National Urban League, UnidosUS and EastersealsThis is the program that assists employees in time of Disaster?Employee Dissaster Assistance FundThis is a nonprofit program that teaches technology skills launched in the year 2000?HopeworksThis is the Director of Hopeworks?Dan RhotonIn 2019 these two African American majority-owned independent Networks were added ?AFRO and CLEO TV"Since 2011, Comcast NBCUniversal has helped nearly 57,000 Americans with disabilities through what Grant Fund ?"Assistive Technology Grant Fund to EastersealsThis is the date of which Internet Essentials was launched ?August 2011"This Comcast NBCUniversal program has recycled or diverted from landfill more than 51.7 million pounds of cable equipment waste since 2014?"National Recycling ProgramAs one of America's most military-friendly employers, we have pledged to hire a total of _______________ members of the military community between 2015 and the end of 2021?21,000 members"Comcast NBCUniversal contributes to military-related nonprofits, supporting nearly_____ organizations since 2001?"400We implemented something new in 2018 to ___________ ______________ program to help Low-Income Veterans living in our service area?The Internet Essentials programGAAD?GAAD (Global Accessibility Awareness Day) WeekThis are our Company Values?Employee Resource GroupsThis is development program helps women and men recognize, and be recognized, for their personal and professional value by developing and inspiring individual growth?Know Your ValueChairman & Chief Executive Officer?Brian L. RobertsChief Executive Officer, NBCUniversal & Senior Executive Vice President, Comcast Corporation ?Steve BurkeSenior Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer?Michael J. CavanaghWhat are the three founders of ComcastRalph Roberts, Daniel Aaron, Julian BrodskyWhat city was Comcast FoundedTupelo MississippiSenior Executive Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer ?David L. CohenPresident & Chief Executive Officer, Comcast Cable & Senior Executive Vice President, Comcast Corporation?David N. WatsonGroup Chief Executive, Sky?Jeremy DarrochManaging Director & Head of Funds, Comcast Ventures ?Amy BanseComcast Business was recognized as a Unified Communications Product of the Year Award winner in what year?2019Comcast NBCUniversal was ranked No ____ Fortune's 100 Best Workplaces for Milenials in 2019?No-56In the 17th Annual American Business Awards Comcast Business was recognized as a winner across how many categories?7In the category " Best Business Company to work for " Fortune ranked ComcastNBCUniversal No _____ in 2019?No-3In 2015 The american Red Cross of Eastern Pennsylvania named Comcast NBCUniversal its ____________ __________ in recognition of our Hurricane Sandy Response ?Citizen of the YearIn august of 2019 Comcast NBCUniversal expanded the eligibility for Internet Essentials Program by adding what type of households?Households with people with disabilities.This is who we contact for expert one-on-one guidance about medical coverage, billing, providers, condition-specific concerns and more ?Health Assistant at AcoladeThis is the Support Tool powered by Castlight to check in on your deductibles and make informed financial decisions on all things health-related?24/7 Always- On Support ToolThis app is used to get treatment for most non-emergency medical issues ?Doctor on DemandYou can contribute a maximum of 10% per year of your salary after tax to ______ ?ESPP-Employee Stock Purchase ProgramESPP?Employee Stock Purchase ProgramThis is the website where you can enroll for ESPP and manage your 401k plan besides the benefits website ?www.401k.comComcast's Annual, National awards and event to recognize Employees who go above and beyond to embody the Operating Principles impact the customer experience, and innovate our products, services, and processes ?Circle of Success AwardsThe leader of Circle of success in Central Division ?Whitney KendallThis is Comcast's social recognition platform that allows you to show appreciation anytime, anywhere ?thxThis is the program that highlights Veterans service to our country and contributions to Comcast NBCUniversal?Saluting Our VeteransOur 401k plan offers company - backed matching up to __ % to apmplify your efforts ?6%What does each feather of the peacock represent?NBC's six division News, Sports, Entertainment, Stations, Network and Productions.What are the colors for the NBCUniversal logo?Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple , Blue and Green2019 Cable Goals?Drive Growth, Deliver an Innovative and Reliable Product Experience and Make the customer Experience Simple, Consistent and Digital.The name Comcast was created bt the combination of what two words?Communications and BroadcastingThis are the 7 touchstones for Comcast?Flexibility, Reliability, Ethics, Enthusiasm Employee Focus ,Diversity and QualityWe will deliver a superior experience to our customers every day, Our products will be the best and we will offer the most customer-friendly and reliable service in the market?Comcast CredoCore Values?Entrepreneurial spirit , we do what's right , respect for each other , giving back to the community.Operating Principles?Customer experience will be our best product , We make big things happen when we work together as team, Drive results and long-term profitable growth , Move fast, simplify and play to win, Be open to new ideas, Lead with game-changing technology, Respect and promote diversity, Do what's right for employees customer and our communitiesWhat is the overarching Operating Principle?Always Innovate. Deliver amazing products and a customer experience that people love and trust.Customer experience pillars?(CARES) Customer view point ,Automated support , Reliability, Employee Empowerment, Simplification.Voice commad to support your favorite act of World of Dance ?vote for world of danceThis function on the x1 voice remote was enabled on _mm/dd/yy to allow customers to vote on their tv for E! People's Choice Awards ?sept 4th 2019XTPPXfinity TV Partner ProgramComcast Launches Xfinity TV Partner Program ?20-Apr-16This is the first smart TV manufacturer to sign up for the Xfinity TV Partner Program ?SamsungThis app allows customers to enjoy their xfinity services on retail devices ?Xfinity TV Partner appThs is the date of when the xfinity stream beta app became avaialble on Samsung TV's ?sept 6th 2018