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Louisiana 5 Star Driving School Final/Permit Test


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How long does a traffic violation remain on your record?
5 years
Most accidents occur where?
A person under the age of 17 may not drive between...
6 pm to 5 am
If you refuse to take the alcohol test for a DWI arrest, your license will be suspended for __ days. (known as Admin Per Se)
When following a car at night, dim your lights when you are within ___ feet of the vehicle.
When you are going on a trip you should stop to rest every _ hours
How many days do you have to correct your adress at the DMV if you move?
What do you do when you come to a crosswalk?
Yield to all pedestrians
The minimum speed allowed on an interstate is __ m.p.h
What do you do to avoid skidding into a collision?
Pump your brakes lightly
What does a flashing red light mean?
To come to a complete stop & go only when the intersection is clear
What is the only thing you can do to get alcohol out of your system?
Who in the vehicle must wear safety belts?
How many people can legally ride in the front seat?
What rule do you use when following a vehicle in good weather?
2 second rule
What rule do you use when following a vehicle in bad weather?
4 second rule
What is the first thing you must do when taking your driving test?
Buckle your seatbelt
What do you do when you are driving in bad weather and your visibility is poor?
Dim your lights
How many seconds ahead do you need to look when you are arriving in traffic?
10 to 15 seconds
How many feet in advance should you dim your headlights when approaching a car at night?
How many feet before a turn do you put on your turn signal?
100 feet
What lane should you be in to make a left turn on a 4-lane road?
Left Lane
What does a solid white line mean?
That it is dangerous to cross
What does a solid yellow line mean?
Do not pass
If a bus stops on the same road as you, how many feet must you stop in front OR behind the bus? (Remember you have to stop whether you are in the front or not, you still MUST stop)
30 feet
What is the stopping distance at 55 m.p.h?
228 feet
What does a flashing yellow light mean?
To drive carefully through the intersection
What must you do when you are approaching a traffic signal and it turns yellow?
You must slow down and stop
What does a dashed white line between lanes mean?
Two-way traffic heading in the opposite direction
If a bike and a car met at an intersection and the bike wanted to go straight, but the car wants to turn left, who goes first?
The bike
If two cars reach a four-way stop at the same time, who goes first?
The car on the right
Do you have to stop if a bus stops on the opposite side of a divided highway?
No, because the bus is on a different roadway
What do you do if you are driving and you go off of the pavement?
Slow down and gently pull back onto the road, DO.NOT.JERK.THE.WHEEL.
What must you do if you are in an accident?
Fill out an SR-10, stop, help the injured, call the police, and exchange information
What do you do if your electric turn signal is broken?
You must use your arm as a signal
How do you signal turning left?
Put your left arm out straight
How do you signal turning right?
Put your hand out upward
How do you signal that you are stopping/yielding?
Put your left arm out and down with your palm backward
How many times does a safety belt increase your chance of surviving a collision?
3 to 4 times
Who must fill out an SR-10 form when involved in an accident?
Both vehicle owners
What do you do if the rear of your car begins to skid to the right?
Turn your steering wheel to the right (Same for if your car is skidding to the left, you would turn your steering wheel to the left)
What do you do if you pass your intended exit on the interstate?
You should go all the way to the next exit (DO NOT BACK UP)
What is the proper way to enter an interstate?
Signal your intention, speed up in the acceleration lane, and merge into traffic when clear
What must you make sure to do when passing a motorcycle?
Keep a safe distance
How many days before your birthday do you have to renew your license?
What do you do if you are about to be hit from behind?
You should get ready to apply your brakes, brace yourself between the steering wheel and seat press against the headrest (I know the last part is confusing, I must have skipped a word or punctuation mark when I was taking notes)
What should you do if your brakes fail?
Pump the brake pedal rapidly, shift to a lower gear, and look for an escape route
When does hydroplaning occur?
When tires start to ride on top of the water
How can you tell if a parked car is about to pull out?
Look for a smoking tail pipe, red brake lights, or white back up lights
What does a red marking on pavement areas mean?
That you are going the wrong way
What can alcohol and marijuana do to your driving?
They can slow reaction time, create a false feeling of confidence, impair concentration, and dull your judgement
What happens when you drive while your license is suspended or revoked?
It results in arrest, court fines, possible time in jail, and an additional suspension on your license
What do you do when your wheels leave the road?
Slow down and gently pull back onto the road
How can you avoid last second moves of other drivers?
By looking 10-15 seconds ahead
What lane is it preferable to drive in when you are driving on any 2-way lane highway or intersection with traffic flowing in the same direction?
The right hand lane
What is the proper way to make a left turn when facing traffic in the opposite direction?
Turn your left signal on and if you must stop before turning left, keep your wheels straight
How many additional people is a person possessing a learner's permit allowed to have in the car with them?
One additional person AND they must have a valid driver's license
Who do motor vehicles give the right of way to at pedestrian crosswalks?
When is it legal to turn right at a red light?
After you have stopped, checked both ways, and if no sign is posted to the contrary
When is wet pavement the most slippery?
When it has just begun to rain
What must you do when an emergency vehicle has its lights & sirens on and is approaching you?
Pull over to the right side of the road and stop
You may not avoid a traffic light by ____________.
Cutting across public or private property, passing another car at an intersection, or speeding up to beat a light
What happens if you are in an accident and you are not wearing glasses/contacts, but your driver's license indicates that wear them?
Your license will be suspended or revoked
What are sure signs of immature drivers?
Driving too fast, changing from lane to lane, not being able to back up your car, always blowing your horn, and playing loud music
What is the correct way to change lanes?
Check your mirrors, look in your blinspots, signal your intention, and merge when safe
How many feet must you stop from a railroad crossing when a train is coming or a warning device is operating?
Within 50, but no less than 15
Heavy rains cause a layer of water on the highway? What should you do to prevent hydroplaning?
Slow down
What are the times to turn on your headlights?
Dusk to Dawn (a.k.a Sunset to Sunrise)
What does the a sign mean if it is in the shape of an octagon?
To stop
What types of information do you expect when you see a sign in a horizontal rectangle shape?
Identifying exits, tourist attractions, & government offices
What does a sign mean if it is shaped like an upside down triangle?
What does a sign mean if it is shaped like a triangle with the point facing towards the right? l>
Do not pass
What types of information do you expect from a sign with a diamond shape?
Possible hazard on or near roadway
What is the shape of a vertical rectangle sign usually used for?
Regulatory signs, speed limit, & lane information
What is the exclusive use for a circle sign in the United States?
Railroad crossing
Stop signs are usually colored with:
Red & has white letters
All Way and 4-Way signs are usually colored with:
Red & has white letters
What color light flashes on school zone speed limit signs to warn you when the speed is in effect?
Warning signs are usually colored with:
Yellow & has black letters
Construction and maintenance signs are usually colored with:
Orange & has black letters
Regulatory signs are usually colored with:
White & and black letters
Regulatory & Warning signs sometimes include:
Pictures and other colors
"Do Not Enter" and "Wrong Way" signs are usually colored with:
Red and white
You must obey traffic signals except:
When an officer is directing traffic
You must obey a traffic officer at all times:
Even when he or she is telling you to perform a maneuver that is ordinarily considered against the law
Traffic signals do what?
Tell drivers when it is safe to go
What must you do before you go through and intersection on a green light?
Look and read the scene
Where is the red light on a vertical traffic light?
On top
Where is the yellow light on a vertical traffic light?
In the middle
Where is the green light on a vertical traffic light?
On bottom
Where is the red light on a horizontal traffic light?
On the left
Where is the yellow light on a horizontal traffic light?
In the middle
Where is the green light on a horizontal traffic light?
On the right
What must you do when entering a crosswalk or intersection as you approach a steady red light?
Where can a turn signal with a green light be displayed?
Both below or beside the green light
What is traffic called that is turning in the direction that the arrow that is green?
What must you do before entering an intersection?
Look for any pedestrian or traffic that may enter your path & look ahead to see that your path is clear
When do most states and localities allow you to turn?
Either way at a red light, when safe, after your complete stop
What all must you yield to?
All pedestrians and other traffic lawfully using the intersection
Your goal is not to be "right", but to be what?
What does a steady yellow light mean?
Clear the intersection
What does a steady green light tell you to do?
Visually clear the intersection and go through if it is safe
What is a flashing red light the same as?
A stop sign
Guide signs give you important information to help you ___.
Make driving decisions
Guide signs tell you where you are, and ____.
What is coming next
Use guide signs to get information on how to get ____.
Where you wish to go
Yellow and black signs above freeway lanes ___.
Alert you to lanes that must exit the freeway
Both the color of the line and whether it is broken or solid:
Give important information to the driver
On a two-way, two-lane roadway:
Keep to the right of the yellow center line
On a two-way, two-lane roadway, you may cross the broken yellow line:
When passing another vehicle
On a two-way, two-lane roadway, only cross the line:
If it is safe to do so
When a one-way, multi-lane roadway has each lane marked with a broken white line:
you may drive in any safe lane
Never use the center left turn only lane on a 3 or 5 lane street:
As a through traffic lane or for passing
While waiting to turn left:
Remember to wait with your vehicle and keep your vehicle's wheels straight
A multi-lane highway has:
broken white lines between the lanes for the same direction, and solid double yellow lines between the lanes going in opposite directions
Do not cross:
A double yellow line to pass
A solid yellow line in your lane means:
you are in a no passing zone
White crosswalk lines painted across a road indicate:
Pedestrian crossing areas
Stopping on or over solid white lines:
should be avoided if possible
You are prohibited from crossing:
Double solid white lines
Yellow lines on the pavement, with yellow diagonal crossbars:
often mark a solid object near the road
The basic color for most of traffic control devices in a construction area is:
Diagonal stripes on a barricade or vertical panel tell you which:
direction traffic is to pass
Stripes that slope downward to the right mean you should:
Pass to the right
Stripes that slope downward to the left mean you should:
pass to the left
Large flashing arrow panels or sequencing arrow panels are used in work zones to:
direct you into oncoming traffic
Be alert for a flag person guiding traffic:
In or near the road at construction sites
A flag person may signal you to stop, proceed, or proceed slowly:
with a sign, with an orange flag, or with a raised hand
Flag person's instructions must be obeyed:
If the flag person is holding a sign, if a police officer is standing next to the flag person, or if the flag person has an orange flag
What is right of way?
Right of way laws indicate who should yield the right of way
Right of way laws are important because:
they help prevent collisions, they provide for an orderly flow of traffic, & they help eliminate the guesswork of who should go next
How do you know if you have the right of way?
There's no such thing as having the right of way
Communication with others is an important tool:
for collision-free driving
Use signals to:
communicate with others
Signal the direction of your turn:
At least 100 feet before the turn
When you prepare to pull out from the curb into the flow of traffic: s
After making a lane change or turn:
Make sure your turn signal is cancelled or off
Your front turn signals communicate with:
Pedestrians, oncoming traffic, and drivers waiting to enter the flow of traffic
Your rear turn signals help communicate with vehicles following you:
Alerting them to a movement you intend to make
Your brake lights let drivers behind you know:
that they must reduce speed or change lanes
Flash your brake lights to:
alert drivers behind you to a problem ahead that they cannot see
When you are taking medication prescribed by a doctor you should:
ask your doctor if it is safe for you to drive
When entering a street from a private alley or driveway, you must:
yield to approaching vehicles and pedestrians
A green arrow showing with a red traffic light means:
you may go ahead carefully in the direction shown by the arrow
Stopping, standing, and parking is prohibited:
in front of a sign, on the roadway side of any vehicle stopped or parked at the edge or curb of a street, within an intersection or so near an intersection as to interfere with turning traffic, & alongside or opposite any street excavation or obstruction when your vehicle would interfere with traffic
On multiple lane highways slow drivers should:
drive in the right hand lane
If you damage an unattended vehicle you must:
locate the owner or leave a signed statement on the vehicle
When a vehicle ahead of you stops to let a pedestrian pass in front of it, you should:
stay in line and wait until the vehicle ahead proceeds
When possible, pedestrians should walk where?
On a sidewalk
If you are being passed, should do what?
keep in your lane
If blinded by an approaching motor vehicle at night, it is best to:
slow down and avoid looking directly into the lights of the oncoming vehicle
When choosing your driving speed, the most important things to consider are:
the condition of the weather, traffic, road, car and driver
When driving in fog, you can see better by:
using lower headlight beam
When parking parallel it is best to leave the curb side wheels:
6 to 8 inches from the curb
Why should you drive slower at night?
The distance you can see ahead is less
If you get drowsy while driving, it is best to:
stop, get out, and walk around
To avoid accidents, a defensive driver should:
stay alert and look for trouble spots developing around them
After passing a vehicle, you can best judge when it is safe to drive back into the right hand lane by:
waiting until you can see both headlights of the overtaken vehicle in your rear view mirror