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Civil War; 5 Major Events (1854-1860) that pushes USA to Civil War

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I. Failure of Popular Sov. in Kansas "Bleeding Kansas" (1856)
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-people raced to get into Kansas because of Pop. Sove.
-March 1855, people mad a pro-slavery constitution
-Governor Reader didn't like it and complained
-President Pierce removed him from office
-anti-slavery group (Oct. 1855) created the Topeka Constitution and Pres. Pierce wouldn't accept it
-Kansas erupted into Civil War (1855)
-Supreme Court Decision
-Scott was a Missouri slave but moved with his master to Illinois and MN (Minnesota)
-his master dies and Scott files a declaration as a free person
-local Missouri jury set him free
-through appeals, the MO Supreme Court reversed and said he was always a slave
-he was sold to a NY man who "sued" the Supreme Court (intending to set Scott free)
-Went to the National Supreme Court where the Justice was a Southern slaveholder
-contest over Senate seat (IL) Held by Steven Douglass
-scheduled 7 debates giving Lincoln "press time"
-Lincoln "forced" Douglass to say slavery wasn't a moral evil (Illinois was a Northenr state and it hurt Douglass to say this)
-Douglass tried to please both the North and the South--"rides the fence" on slavery issue and upsets both sides
-Lincoln lost the bid for being a Senator, but drew a lot of attention to himself
-John Brown was a rabid (radical?) abolitionist heavily involved in "Bleeding Kansas"
-led many massaceres
-October 1859. raided a gov't arsenal in Ferry, VA.
-wanted to get weapons; give them to the slaves and take over slaveholders in VA
-he captured the fort, but was captured by Robert E. Lee and hanged
-to South he was a devil, but to North a hero
-more polarization b/w N/S
-beginning of the confederate army Fear of "blacks uprising and killing them in their beds."
Republican=Lincoln Northern Democrat=Douglas
Southern Democrat=Breckenridge Constitutional Union=Bell
-Lincoln wins with one of the smallest popular votes in history (39%)
-Lincoln didn't even appear on the ballots of 10 Southern states
-Lincoln believed slavery to be wrong, but wasn't an abolitionist
-South thought Lincoln was out to "destroy it"; thought he was an abolitionist already hated him.
-"The final straw that breaks the back of the camel"
-Dec. 20, SC secedes from the Union before Lincoln takes office