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  1. Questions
  2. 10-13
  3. Justification by faith alone
  4. He is after financial gain
  5. Churches of Galatia
  1. a Second accusation against Paul in II Corinthians
  2. b Readership of Galatians
  3. c Theme of Galatians
  4. d Defense of Paul's Ministry (II Cor. O)
  5. e I Corinthians addressed ____ the Corinthians had sent Paul

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  1. Some rejected Paul because he didn't ____
  2. Third accusation against Paul in II Corinthians
  3. The Law of Sowing and Reaping (Galatians KC)
  4. Some rejected any authority in the church because they felt they were ____
  5. "Invisible" gifts used to edify fellow believers

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  1. GalatiansThe only book addressed to a group of churches, rather than a single congregation


  2. Future reward, "Terror" of the Lord, Love of ChristSome rejected Paul because he didn't ____


  3. 5The Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians KC)


  4. GalatiansEpistle that has no words of praise or prayer of thanksgiving


  5. II CorinthiansKey Verse of II Corinthians