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  1. God's, Serving, Worthwhile
  2. Civil, Interpersonal
  3. Magna Carta
  4. Galatians 5:1
  5. He is insincere in the ministry
  1. a Three characteristics of the ministry
  2. b Third accusation against Paul in II Corinthians
  3. c Galatians is sometimes referred to as the ____ of Christian Liberty
  4. d Key Verse of Galatians
  5. e ____ issues in the church should not be settled in court

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  1. Five Rules for Giving: Give...
  2. Defense of Paul's Ministry (II Cor. O)
  3. Some rejected any authority in the church because they felt they were ____
  4. Theme of II Corinthians
  5. Second accusation against Paul in II Corinthians

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  1. 1aGod's Comfort in Difficult Circumstances (II Cor. O)


  2. PaulAuthorship of II Corinthians


  3. Be willing, flexible, disciplinedThree things to do when in conflict with another Christian


  4. GalatiansThe second most autobiographical of Paul's letters


  5. Spiritual GiftsA divine ability to have a spiritually significant impact on the life of another person


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