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  1. II Corinthians
  2. Defense of Paul's Apostleship
  3. 2b-5
  4. 12
  5. Bad Reports
  1. a Theme of II Corinthians
  2. b Paul's Thorn in the Flesh (II Cor. KC)
  3. c I Corinthians was a response to ____
  4. d Aspects of the Gospel Ministry (II Cor. O)
  5. e The most autobiographical of Paul's epistles

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  1. Carnal means ____
  2. "Visible" gifts used to authenticate God's message
  3. Epistle that emphasizes Paul's defense of his ministry
  4. Every Christian's Ministry (II Cor. KC)
  5. Galatians is sometimes referred to as the ____ of Christian Liberty

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  1. GalatiansThe second most autobiographical of Paul's letters


  2. 1aPaul Explains His Change of Plans (II Cor. O)


  3. Make sensePaul wrote Galatians without using an ____


  4. Justification by faith aloneTheme of Galatians


  5. RestorationI Corinthians addressed ____ the Corinthians had sent Paul