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  1. evanescent
  2. dire
  3. tactician
  4. wily
  5. infernal
  1. a (adj) sly; calculation; full of deceit
  2. b (adj) having terrible consequences; disastrous
  3. c (adj) vanishing or likely to vanish; fleeting
  4. d (adj) of or relation to hell; damnable
  5. e (N) a person skilled in planning and execution military tactics; a clever maneuver

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  1. (N) servants, attendants accompanying a high-ranking official
  2. (adj) noisy, clamorous, boisterous
  3. (N) imposter; a fake; a person who claims to have skill that he does not have
  4. (adj) plowed and tilled but left unseeded
  5. (V) to prevent the occurrence of; to oppose and defeat the efforts of

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  1. vortex(V) thwarted; prevented from being successful


  2. libations(N) liquid; intoxication beverages


  3. foiled(V) thwarted; prevented from being successful


  4. interloper(N) intruder; meddler; one who interferes in the affairs of others


  5. galled(N) treacherous cunning; craftiness