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  1. congenial
  2. infernal
  3. writhe
  4. dispatch
  5. vortex
  1. a (adj) agreeable, pleasant, friendly
  2. b (N) whirlwind; whirlpool; a situation that draws into its center all that surround
  3. c (adj) of or relation to hell; damnable
  4. d (V) to twist or squirm, as in pain
  5. e (V) to send off to a specific destination

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  1. (N) a metal pan for holding burning coals or charcoal
  2. (N) liquid; intoxication beverages
  3. (N) one who asks or begs
  4. (N) one who makes merry, who has a good time; a partyer
  5. (adj) sly; calculation; full of deceit

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  1. connoisseur(N) a person of educated, insightful discrimination


  2. blithe(adj) cheerful; carefree


  3. galled(V) thwarted; prevented from being successful


  4. fallow(adj) irritated; exasperated; aggravated


  5. skulked(adj) having dirty or wretched appearance