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  1. Archetype
  2. Dialect
  3. Epithet
  4. Myth
  5. Unreliable narratror
  1. a special pattern of speech
  2. b Traditional or legendary story
  3. c Original model of a person
  4. d Narrator who does not or cannot comprehend the world
  5. e Adjective/phrase that applies to a noun to accent certain characteristics

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  1. Nonstandard language or dialect
  2. An abscent person, abstract
  3. Ordinary form of spoken/written language
  4. Climate or feeling
  5. Genre that uses irony

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  1. SarcasmWork created to mock, comment, or make fun of


  2. ToneAuthor's attitude toward the reader


  3. OxymoronCombines normal contradictiory terms


  4. IdiomAn expression whose meaning is not predictable


  5. AllegoryFigurative way of representing; meaning other than literal meaning