OMND - Final Acupuncture Point Review

Lung 5: Biceps tendon, radial side next to tendon

He Sea Point

Action: Clears heat (powerful), suppresses rebellious Qi, regulates H20 passages
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Lieque/Broken Sequence
Lung 7
Ren Confluent Point, Command, Luo connecting, Heavenly star point

Location: Sup to styloid process of radius, 1.5 cun above wrist crease, between brachioradialis and tendon of long abductor of m thumb

Action: Release exterior, expels wind, promotes descending function of lung, benefits head and neck (Command point) Opens Ren channel (confluent pt)
Large Intestine 4 "Hegu/ Joining Valley" Command point for the face Heavenly Star Point L: Dorsum of hand, between 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones, midpoint of the 2nd MCP bone Function: Regulates WEI QI, alleviates pain (MASTER PAIN POINT ON BODY), Restores Yang, can also treat sore throat, fever, runny nose, delayed labor (C/I pregnancy)Name this point and its functionLarge Intestine 5 L: Anatomical snuffboxName this pointHe Sea Point, Ghost Point, Heavenly Star Point Large Intestine 11: Crease of the radial side of elbow CLEARS HEAT (1 of the most powerful for clearing heat on body), Cools bloodName this point and its functionLarge Intestine 15: Ant/inferior to acromion process in the upper deltoid muscle in depression anterior to acromion (locate with arm abducted) Benefits shoulder, FROZEN shoulderName this point and its functionLarge Intestine 18 L: Adam's apple, belly of the SCM Window sky pointName this pointLarge Intestine 20: Naso labial groove, CROSSES OVER Opposite side Function: opens nasal passagesName this point and its functionStomach 2: Eyes looking forward, 1 cun directly below the pupil, in the depression in the infraorbital foramenName this pointStomach 3: Directly below the pupil, level with the lower border of the ala nasi, lateral side of naso-labial grooveName this pointStomach 6 : Ask patient to clench jaw before locating, approximately 1 finger breadth anterior and superior to the angle of the jaw at the prominence of the masseter muscleName the functionStomach 7 L: depression at zygomatic arch and mandible A: Ear, jaw/teethName this point and its functionStomach 9: Anterior to SCM, level with Adam's appleName this pointStomach 19: 2 cun below sternocostal angle and 2 cun lateral from midlineName the point in red.Stomach 25: "Heaven's Pivot", Front Mu of Li L: Level of umbilicus, 2 cun lateral to midline A: regulates intestines/ stomach/spleen 5 star for C/D,Name the point in red and its functionStomach 30 L: Upper border of pubic symphysis, 2 cun from midline`Name the point in red.Stomach 35: With knee flexed, depression inferior to the patella and lateral to the patellar ligamentName the point.Stomach 36 Zusanli/ Leg 3 Miles He Sea, Command, Heavenly Pt L: 3 cun below stomach 35 (lower border of patella) 1 middle finger breadth lateral to the anterior crest of the tibia, Tonifies blood ALL GI issues, Yang Collapse, Fosters Yuan/Source QiName the pointStomach 37: Lower He Sea of Li L: 6 cun below lower border of patella, 1 middle finger breadth lateral to the anterior crest of tibiaName the pointStomach 38: midway of anterior tibia, one finger breadth from the tibia A: benefits shoulderName the point and the functionStomach 39 One cun away from St 38, 1 finger breadth from tibiaName the point.Stomach 40 "Abundant Bulge" Luo Connecting Point L: 1 finger breadth lateral to 38, middle of the leg A: PHLEGM, Dampness (paired with sp 9)Name the point and its functionStomach 41 Depression between the tendons of the extensor digitorum and the extensor hallucis longsName the pointGreen: St 41 Red: St 42: dorsum of the foot (high point) Blue: St 43: Between 2nd and 3rd metatarsal, one cun back from the web Yellow: St 44: "Ying Spring Between 2nd and 3rd toesName the green, red, blue and yellow pointsStomach 45 Jing Well Lateral side of 2nd toe Bell's palsy DREAM DISTURBED SLEEP, MANIAName the purple point and its functionSpleen 1 Medial side of the big toe nail Jing well point A: Stop bleeding (use moxa)Name this pointWhite: Spleen 2 L: Hugs the metatarsal phalangeal joint of the big toe Black: Spleen 3 L: medial foot, proximal to 1st MT TONIFIES SPLEEN, resolves dampness, harmonizes spleen/stomach,Name the white point and black point.Spleen 6 3 Yin Intersection (meeting point of SP, KI, LIVER) L: 3 cun above medial malleolus, posterior to medial border of tibia Regulates menstruation, tonifies spleen/stomach/kidney/Yin Insomnia with H7, prolapsed uterus C/I PregnancyName the point and its functionSpleen 8 3 cun below spleen 9Name the red pointSpleen 9 L: With knee flexed, point is located in the depression distal to the medial condyle of the tibia, junction of the shaft and medial condyleSpleen 10 Superior medial border of the patella 2 cun aboveName the red pointSpleen 15: Used with stomach 25 L: 4 cun lateral to umbilicus, nipple line A: Benefits intestines, regulates QiName the point and its functionSpleen 20: L: Lateral aspect of the chest, 2nd intercostal space, 6 cun from anterior midline of the body (below Lung 1)Name the red pointSpleen 21 Great Luo Connecting Point of Spleen Lateral aspect of the chest, mid axillary line on the 6th ICS A: Whole body pain, general weaknessName the point and its functionHeart 3 He Sea Point L: midpoint of medial end of cubital crease A: HEAT IN HEART, transforms phlegm, calms spiritName the red point and its functionHeart 4: Radial side of the tendon of m. flexor carpi ulnaris, 1.5 cun above transverse crease of the wristName the blue point.Heart 5 L: Radial side of the tendon of m. flexor carpi ulnaris, 1.0 cun above tranverse wrist creaseName the green pointHeart 6 Radial side of the tendon m. flexor carpi ulnaris, 0.5 cun above the transverse crease of the wristName the yellow pointHeart 7 Shenmen - Spirit Gate Sedation Point L: ulnar side of the transverse wrist crease CALMS SPIRIT/shen Yuan source point and tonifies heartHeart 8 Shaofu/Lesser Palace L: depression between 4th and 5th MC, where pinky rests when fist is made CLEARS heart from heart/SI, calms spirit, regulates HEART QI, reconnects w/ yourselfName the pointHeart 9 Jing Well L: Radial side of pinky A: restores consciousness, depression (strengthens heart), cardiac pain (bite down on pinky if heart attack)Name the red pointSpleen 4: Confluent Point of the Chang, Luo Connecting Point Medial foot, inferior to 1st MT Regulates Chang meridian (OB/GYN issues)Name the point (Medial side of foot)UB 40Kidney 1 Between 2nd and 3rd Metatarsal 1/3 down Grounding, powerful for reviving consciousnessName the point and its functionGreen: SI 1 Orange: SI 2 Red: SI 3 Purple: SI 4 Blue: SI 5Name the green, orange, red, purple and blue pointsSI 3 L: proximal to the 5th MCP joint, junction of the red and white skinThis point is the confluent point of the DU Benefits neck/mid and upper back, where is it located?SI 6 Support the Aged L: Dorsal to the head of the ulna, in bony cleft on radial side BENEFITS EYESName the point and its functionSI 8: L: between olecranon and ulna "funny bone"Name the pointSI 9 1 cun above axillary fold of the arm A: Benefits the shoulderName the pointSI 10: directly under the spine of the scapula, in line with SI 9Name the red pointSI 11: 1/3 down from spine, 2/3 up from inferior angle, and middle of scapulaName the pointSI 12 : middle of supraspinatusName the pointSI 19 Next to tragusName the pointUB 2: Directly above the inner can thus of the eye, in the depression of the medial end of eyebrowName the pointUB 10 L: 1.3 cun lateral to midline, in depression on lateral aspect of m. trapezius Window sky point Stiff neck, lacrimation, treats imbalance of lower limbs, calms shenName the points and their functionUB 37 6 cun below UB 36 Powerful for tight hamstrings that affect lumbar spineName this pointUB 57 Heavenly Star Point Powerful for hemorrhoid/prolapse of anus, constipationName this pointUB 60 Depression between tip of lateral malleolus and Achilles tendon A: induces labor, opposite of kidney 3, caution with PregnancyName this pointUB 62 Depression directly below malleolus Confluent point of Yang Qiao, Ghost Point Regulates sleep Balances yin/yang qiaoName this pointUB 65: Proximal MTP of the pinky toe 4 star point for OCCIPITAL H/A, pressure > needlingName this pointUB 66: Distal MTP of the pinky toeName this pointUB 67 Lateral side of the small toe C/I Pregnancy Turns breeched fetus Moxa between weeks 36-38 Expels placentaName this point and its functionRed: Kidney 2 Blue: Kidney 3 Green: Kidney 6 Purple: Kidney 7 Kidney 7: powerful for regulating sweating, edema, dawn diarrheaName the pointsKidney 27 Depression on border of clavicle, 2 cun lateral to anterior midline Lungs, adrenal support with KI 3 and KI 16Name the pointsKidney 10 Level with UB 40, medial end of popliteal fossa between tendons Regulates kidney Qi sinking (seminal emissions, impotence, painful genitals)Name the pointKidney 16 0.5 cun midline, level with umbilicus Regulate intestine, diarrhea, constipation d/t kidney deficiency, horizon pointName this point