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What does CPR stand for?
Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
What does the 3 C's stand for when coming on an accident?
Check, Call, Care
What are 3 things you give a dispatcher?
Your phone number, location, the situation
What law protects you from being sued?
Good Samaritan Law
What law requires you to stay at the scene until help arrives?
Law of Abandonment
What does flashing lights on a vehicle allow you to do?
Proceed with caution
What are the symptoms of heart attack? (4)
Pain in chest, shortness of breath, nausea/indigestion, sweating
When do you activate the EMS system?
When the victim is unresponsive
5 risk factors that you can control
smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, use of drugs/alcohol, high cholesterol
3 risk factors that you cant control
Age, hereditary, national origin
What are the 2 things you check in the first C?
Check the scene and the victim
What do you do when you can't get breaths into a person?
Re-tilt head and try again
What are 3 parts inside of the mouth that control breathing?
Epiglottis, trachea, esophagus
How far do you do compressions on an adult, child, and baby?
1 1/2-2'', 1-1 1/2'', 1/2''
What are the ratios of compressions to breaths on an adult, child, and baby?
What are 3 characteristics of a SIDS affected child?
Mother did drugs/alcohol, poor prenatal care, premature child
What are 3 times you may stop CPR?
When revived, trained help arrives, there is immediate danger
What are 2 agencies that teach CPR and which one am I taking?
American Red Cross, American Heart Association. American Red Cross
What are 3 things you can do for a person having a heart attack?
Tell them to stop what they're doing, give them aspirin, lay them on their right side, call 911
When applying an AED, what do you check on a person?
Metal, water, pulse, no one touching victim
What pulse do you check on a baby?
What is the middle of the chest called? What is it made out of? What is the lower tip of the sternum called?
Sternum, cartilage and bone, xiphoid process
What is the international symbol for choking?
2 hands covering throat
What do you do after removing an obstruction from a choking person?
Advise them to go to the ER
What position is effective for CPR?
On their back, on a hard, flat surface
When do you do a finger sweep?
If an object is seen
What is the top reading of blood pressure called? Bottom? What is normal blood pressure? High?
Systolic, diastolic, 120/80, 140/90
You should be concerned with your cholesterol if it's over what number?
When blood flows to the vena cavity, where is it stored?
Right atrium
What are 2 functions of the tricuspid valve?
Holds blood, allows blood to flow in one direction only
Where does blood flow to and from the pulmonary vesicles?
The lungs
What part of the heart pumps blood to all parts of the body?
What are 2 functions of the lungs?
Takes in O2 and puts out CO2, carries on transformation of exchange of gases
What blood vessels carry on the transformation of CO2?
What is the leading killer of babies under the age of 1?
What is the leading killer of people aged 2-25?
What is the leading killer of people aged 26-56?
Heart attack
What is the difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest?
Heart attack is when blood vessels that supply blood to the heart are blocked, preventing enough oxygen from getting to the heart, Cardiac arrest is when you stop breathing
What 3 things do you check after 2 breaths?
ABC- Airway, Bleeding, Circulation
How many pints of blood are in the human body?
12-16 pints
How many hands do you use for compressions on an adult, child, and baby?
2, 1, 2 fingers
What blood vessels carry CO2? O2?
Veins, arteries
How many thrusts and back blows do you do to a conscious choking person?
5 and 5
What solution of bleach do you use?
10% 1 part bleach 9 parts water
Which of the blood borne pathogens can you get a vaccine for if you're exposed to it?
Hepatitis B
What does implied consent mean?
If a person is unconscious or a small child is in trouble, you can help them