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The official Catholic teaching that is a rich source of information on Catholic faith and way of life
Social beings
We need one another for help and support; we need others so that we can develop our own ability to work together and interact socially. Above all we need to love and be loved
Characteristics of a person or persons; having the nature or form of a person
A group of persons bound together by a sense of unity that goes beyond each one of them
The power rooted in reason and will, to act or not to act, to do this or that
The critical sense that gives emotional security and stimulation
God is the source of it; it comes from God and goes to God; it is a result of being "connected" with God, as branches to a vine
Defined by John Vanier as part of a family, culture, religion especially humanity -- to make a conscious decision to be part of a community
The scientist studies origin development and customs of human beings
Means "to suffer with one another". It is the best summative word to describe Mother Teresa's work among "the poorest of the poor"
An offense against reason, truth, and right conscious - it is an offense against God
According to John Vanier DVD, what is known to use power to get respect?; he says there should be an identity of love, not an identity of power
The first movement of the human heart to do good; it is the highest passion
Like a voice that tells us at the appropriate moment to do good and to avoid evil
A principal of Jean Vanier that states we need to accept ourselves as we are, with our own history, and to accept others as they are
Famous five
Group of Canadian women who challenged the Supreme Court in Canada and in Britain to give rights to women and to make women persons. They wanted equality for women. This was also called the Person's Case.
An organization that John Vanier developed to assist mentally and physically disabled adults. Vanier did this so that the disabled would have a place to be where they are cared for and not discriminated against
The set of meanings, beliefs, values, and rules for living; shared by groups and societies as a source of their identity
Ways of doing things we inherited from our parents or ancestors
A solemn prescribed ceremony; usually religious
Means "thrown together" - something tangible something untangible
Objects or gestures that express one specific message
Beliefs, values, and practices that give public structure to our encounter with God
Religious rituals
Ways of living and communicating with a power and energy that is higher and deeper than ourselves
The Catholic churches official act of worship that has symbols and rituals that relate or remember the person of Jesus particularly his death and resurrection
To make worldly, separate from religious connection or influence
Beyond the range or grasp of human experience, belief, or reason; supreme being or God existing apart from, not subject to the limitations of the material universe. Ask questions such as where do humans come from where are humans going. Also relates to salvation, language is limited, helps us to come to grips with suffering and isolation offers growth health wholeness and freedom
Agreement between God and his chosen people on how to live
Hebrew Scriptures
Know as first testament Old Testament and old covenant
Means "son of" or "drawn out" or "saved one"
Means I am who I am , I will be who I would be, I will be with you, I am really there for you, I will show you who I am by what I do among you. The name of god was very sacred and was protected because they thought it would be missed used by people. Other their names were given such as Adonai, blessed is he, the name, silence and a transition used was I am who I am
The event where the apostles were transformed by an experience of the Holy Spirit thus having the courage to preach the gospel of Jesus to all
A set of guides or ways which indicate the basic attitude necessary to live an authentic Christian life
The word Catholics use to describe God's kind merciful and absolutely generous love for us
The community that was founded when God sent the Holy Spirit Jesus disciples on Pentecost happens with two or more people
Kingdom of God
Never fully revealed, Jesus explains it and it is mentioned in the parables but only in glimpses. It is a symbol is by Jesus to speak about God, and God's actions among us. Jesus hints at the kingdom of God being on earth and in heaven
Means the same or similar, Matthew mark and luke
Spiritual thirst
Our deepest longing that many of us don't take the time to find out or choose to ignore
Of Western movement of not knowing if God exist
Our deepest commitment
Covenant relationship with God thus calling abba/father
Empirical knowledge
Insight that comes through observation and experience
The expectation that if I do something for someone else this person some point to something in return for me
God's messenger one who speaks for God, Gods spokesperson
The writings
The section of what this meant that as diverse literary genres they're all expressions of love for God
Means God is my judge
When God revealed himself to humanity through creation, the covenant, the prophets, and Jesus Christ
10 words
Another name for the 10 Commandments they're teachings that are found to be followed
Is the heart of the Old Testament, also known as the Law; the Pentateuch, is the 10 Commandments, means instruction
The ending of Hebrew words or names that mean God
Commemorates God's celebration of the Hebrews from bondage/slavery in Egypt
Means struggle with God
Means "Lord"
Message of the prophets
To stop sinning (conversion), preach the word of God and follow the convenant
Cultural symbol
A symbol that is meaningful, deeper, or important to a specific culture
Initiation sacraments
Baptism, confirmation, and Eucharist. You become a member and are accepted and belong
Life committing sacraments
Matrimony and priesthood
Healing sacraments
Sacrament of the sick and reconciliation
Means "loss" "absence" not for the public
Bread and wine changed into the body and blood of Christ
Morally good
The three conditions that have to be present for an action to be morally good: choose to do what is good, your reason for doing it must be good, and the circumstances of the act must be good