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Step by Step Chapter 19

Anatomic divisions : The Urinary System subsection is first arranged
Endoscopic procedures within the Urinary subsection, Kidney subheading,. are often divided based on the unique factor.
existence of a stoma
When Lithotripsy is performed the patient may be surrounded by :
An instillation procedure of the bladder is performed for treatment of
bladder cancer
When urodynamics are performed and the physician only interprets the results , the correct modifier would be
modifier -26
Urethral dilation : codes are often divided based on this factor:
Initial or subsequent
What is passed through the urethra and bladder to view the urinary collecting system
Within the Male Genital System , the greatest number of codes fall under
Penis Category
this type of treatment used to treat prostate cancer by placing the radioactive elements directly into the prostate