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The 3 kinds of elections in the U.S. are

primary elections, general elections, and elections on specific policy questions

California's famous Proposition 13 in which voters frustrated by a lack of action by their legislature forced an issue on the ballot and voted to limit the rise in property taxes, was an example of

an initiative

Which of the following statements about the 1800 presidential elections is TRUE?

The 1800 election was ultimately decided in the House of Representatives

In Bush v. Gore (2000), the United States Supreme Court ruled that

although a recount was legal, the same (or more precise) standards for evaluating ballots would have to be applied in all counties

One of the main reasons that people voted for George W. Bush in 2004 was

strong leadership in the war on terrorism

As the right to vote has been extended,

proportionately fewer of those eligible have chosen to vote

The greater one's sense of political efficacy, the

more likely one is to vote

Voter registration procedures were adopted around the turn of the century as a means to

prevent corruption associated with stuffing ballot boxes

Compared to other industrialized democracies, the United States has a ____ voter turnout.

much lower

Which of the following statements is FALSE?

Americans are expected to vote for a much narrower range of political offices than most democracies

People with higher than average education

are more likely to vote than people of lower education levels

When, after his 2004 win, President Bush stated, "When you win there is a feeling that the people have spoken and embraced your point of view, and that's what I intend to tell Congress," he was expressing

the mandate theory of elections

Which of the following people is LEAST likely to vote in an election?

A young man in his twenties without a college education

Which of the following is a condition for policy voting to occur?

Voters must see difference between the candidates on the issues, have a clear sense of their own policy positions, vote for the candidate whose policy positions coincide with their own, know where the candidates stand on policy issues

The Electoral College was originally established in order to

give the nation's elite the power to choose the president and vice president rather than the people directly

The Electoral College system can introduce bias in the electoral process because it overrepresent

small states

As provided in the Constitution, how are electoral votes allocated for each state?

Each state has as many electoral votes as it has members in the House of Representatives and the Senate

A nomination refers to

a party's official selection of candidate to run for office

The specific goal of the presidential nomination game is to

win the majority of delegate votes in order to win the party nomination

Which of the following is TRUE about the presidential nomination process?

In most states, presidential primaries are held with the national convention delegates allocated to each candidate in rough proximity to their percentage of popular vote

Frontloading refers to

the recent tendency of states to hold primaries early in the calendar year in order to capitalize on media attention

The state that has disproportionate power because it holds the first presidential primary each election year is

New Hampshire

Which of the following statements is TRUE?

Voters in primaries and caucuses tend to be older and more affluent than typical citizens and less than half the number of citizens that vote in presidential elections vote in presidential primaries

A political party's statement of its goals and policies for the next four years is called a

party platform

Which of the following is true about the power of political parties in the U.S.?

parties are relatively weak in the U.S.

Which section of the Constitution is viewed with great skepticism by conservative elements within the Republican Party, in particular the Tea Party?

Article I, Section 8

The Constitution prohibited the states from doing each of the following EXCEPT

establishing a republican form of government

Which of the following statements regarding the Constitution is FALSE?

The original Constitution offers numerous guidelines on voter eligibility

Which of the following is among the powers given by the Constitution to Congress in its role as the chief economic policymaker?

the power to pay debts, coin money and regulate its value, levy taxes, regulate interstate and foreign commerce

All of the following are examples of how federalism decentralizes our policies EXCEPT

federal income tax

Federal policies to regulate food and drugs, build interstate highways, protect consumers, try to clean up dirty air and water, and do many other things are all justified as______ of Congress

implied powers

A same-sex marriage license issued in one state is valid and honored in all states under the constitutional provision of

full faith and credit

Which of the following statements about the state governments is accurate?

They carry out virtually all the functions they always have, while the national government has taken on new functions

Which of the following statements is FALSE?

As people become more socialized with age, their political orientations grow weaker

What conclusions can be drawn from Figure 6.1 (look up in book)?

the fastest growing minority group is Hispanics, by the middle of the twenty-first century, Whites will comprise about 48% of the U.S. population, African Americans and Asian Americans will not substantially increase their share of the population

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