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  1. brash'
  2. ar'dent
  3. exult'
  4. sponta'neous
  5. sophomor'ic
  1. a synonyms: unpremeditated, unplanned, impromptu
    antonyms: premeditated, planned, contrived, rehearsed
  2. b synonyms: revel, glory
    antonyms: mope, sulk, regret, rue, lament
  3. c synonyms: intense, zealous, fervent, avid
    antonyms: indifferent, stolid, phlegmatic, apathetic
  4. d synonyms: pretentious, superficial, fatuous
    antonyms: mature, judicious, sage, knowledgeable
  5. e synonyms: rash, impetuous, brazen, impertinent
    antonyms: prudent, wary, cautious, circumspect

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  1. synonyms: heartrending, bittersweet, melancholy
    antonyms: unaffecting, bland, vapid, insipid, funny
  2. synonyms: impulsive, fickle, unpredictable, mercurial
    antonyms: constant, steady, steadfast, unwavering
  3. synonyms: clue, intimation, suggestion
  4. synonyms: compensation, restitution, reparation
  5. synonyms: all-powerful
    antonyms: powerless, impotent, feeble, weak

5 True/False questions

  1. pal'atablesynonyms: edible, appetizing, attractive
    antonyms: inedible, distasteful, ddisagreeable


  2. chastise'synonyms: rash, impetuous, brazen, impertinent
    antonyms: prudent, wary, cautious, circumspect


  3. assid'uoussynonyms: industrious, unremitting, sedulous
    antonyms: lazy, lackadaisical, shiftless


  4. co'pioussynonyms: diverge, veer, swerve
    antonyms: conform to, abide by; orthodox


  5. ran'corsynonyms: animosity, enmity, bitterness
    antonyms: goodwill, harmony, rapport, amity