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Blood Parasites

Mycoplasma Haemofelis
Formerly known as Haemobartonella felis.
Blood parasite responsible for feline infectious anemia.
, dark blue rods or rings on surface of RBC
severe hemolytic anemia
regnerative unless with FeLV
Mycoplasma haemocanis
chains of coccoid organisms on the surface of canine erythrocytes; may cause hemolytic anemia in immunocompromised or splenectomized dogs; low-level infection is often incidental/secondary
Anaplasma marginale
Appearance- darkly staining coccoid bodies at margin of RBC's (may be hard to differentiate from howell-Jolly Bodies)
Vectors- Ticks & Biting Flies.
Treatment- Tetracyclines, external parasite prevention.
Anaplasma platys
Invades the platelets and causes thrombocytopenia.
Vector- Ticks
Anaplasma phagocytophilum
Invades nuetrophils
Vector- Ticks (requires a prolonged attachment of 24 hrs or more)
Joint pain, swelling, and lameness indicates infection. Other symptoms are "flu like". ZOONOTIC
Treatment- Doxycyline
Babesia spp. (Canines)
Babesia canis and Babesia gibsoni.
Parasites are typically pear-shaped and often occur in pairs.
Most common in racing grey hounds.
Cytauxzoon felis
Fatal (w/in days) tick born disease in cats, found in rbc, lymphocyte, macrophages, and tissues.
Safety pin shape
Rare; however no treatment
Natural host is the Bobcat
Ehrlichia spp. (Canines)
E. canis & E. ewingii
Vector- Tick. It is a bacteria.
Invades monocytes & neutrophils.
Treatment- Doxycycline
Neorickettsia risticii
Equine Potomac Horse Fever
Vector- Flukes.
Intermediate Hosts- Aquatic Insects.
Can cause colic or laminitis.
Treatment- Oxytetracycline.
Dirofilaria immitis
L1 ingested by mosquito, devlp. to L3 takes 2 wks, injected into dog, molt to L5 takes 60-70d, worm migration takes 3 months and ppp is 6 months.
Does not have purposeful movement
Dipetalonema reconditum
Acanthocheilonema reconditum.
Also causes microfilariae in blood. SQ parasite in dogs.
Vector- flea
Has hooked tail (Modified knotts test)
"Purposeful movement"
Canine Distemper Virus Inclusions
Inclusions on RBC's and WBC's/
Not a blood parasite.