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ATP-PCr System, Glycolytic System, Oxidative System

ATP is generated through what three energy systems?

creatine kinase, ADP

The release of energy from PCr is facilitated by the enzyme, ___________, which acts on PCr to separate Pi from creatine. The energy released from this reaction is used to add the Pi molecule to an _____ molecule, forming ATP.


Glucose and glycogen are broken down to pyruvic acid in a process called ________.

2 mol

One mole of GLUCOSE yields how many moles of ATP?

3 mol

One mol of GLYCOGEN yields how many moles of ATP?

The energy required to raise the temperature of 1 g of water by 1 degree C

Define Calorie (or Kilocalorie):


Specific protein molecules that control the breakdown of chemical compounds are called _______.

Cytoplasm, mitochondria

Glycolytic enzymes act in the _______, while oxidative enzymes act in the _________.

Glycolytic, Oxidative

_________ enzymes act in the cytoplasm, while ________ enzymes act in the mitochondria.


What is the key energetic currency used by the body?


The Glycolytic System occurs entirely in what part of the cell?

Pyruvic, lactic acid, lactate

A major limitation of anaerobic glycolysis is that _______ acid is formed and accumulates in the muscles and body fluids, then is converted directly to ______ acid, which releases H⁺ ions and becomes ______.

Inhibits glycolysis, decreases calcium binding capacity of muscle fibers

What are two problems associated with the build up of lactic acid?

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