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Saying _____ to your rADIOS.


A little boy says, "ME GO with my ____.


______ visiting AUNT TESS, you must always ring DE old battle-axe.


Jack (from Jack and the Beanstalk says), "What a _____ BEENO comic."


Every _____ Santa Claus has to feed his DEER.


That the boxer CASSIus Clay (Mohammad Ali) was ----- knocked out by Henry Cooper.

from (of)

An agent ______ THE DEa, the Drug Enforcement Agency, saying, "I am a member ___ DE club.

again (over from the beginning)

A group of wolves standing outside their den waving ____, and ____ - it's the DEN WAVE!


you see DES PRESS the ESPRESSO button _____ each cup of coffee.


Standing in the Rio GRANDE and saying, "Wow, the Rio GRANDE is _____."


A salesman for estrogen supplements says, "____ NEW ESTROgen supplements are the best on the market,"


Somone saying, "You can ______ have this letter 'O' or this letter 'O.'

again (one more time)

That girls listen to those OLD songs by the the singer, TRAVIS, ______ and ____.

other, another

The ____ billy goat says, "Not _____ OLD TROLL!," and he bunts him off the bridge.


You have a package ____ a PARA trooper.


President PERON saying, "_____ I can never find a PAIR O' socks that match."


_____ you like pigs you don't eat PORK.


Your Muslim friend, and you _____ SEE 'IM PRAY several times a day.


A cowboy saying, " I ____ want some of T 'EM BEANs..."

all (everything)

You TOTAL up ____ the numbers to get the answer.


A baby with one tooth says, "I only have ___ tooth, YOU KNOW.


An Englishman from Yorkshire saying, "EE by gum, 'E is ugly ____ 'E is 'orrible ____ is fat!"


a Moroccan girl (f) saying to her friend, "love is not waking me TIME and TIME again unless there is an OCCASION other than a new ____!"

además de

Also, besides, what's more


ABOVE the people in the courtroom is a _____ judge.

good morning

Good morning.


a little boy (m) says, "ME GO with my _____

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