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Cytotoxic Drugs Alkylating agents

alkylating agents are cell-cycle ______________
orally, food. (when you are cycling you need food easily digested in mouth)
cyclophosphamide can be administered ___________. Make sure to give with _________
Ifosfamide, mesna, extensive hydration
A nitrogen mustard Alkylating agent called _________ can cause urotoxicity resulting in hemorrhagic cystitis. This can be minimized by concurrent therapy with ____ and _______ ______
mechlorethamine, exposure (avoidance)
A nitrogen mustard Alkylating agent called _________ is black boxed for extravasation and and ________ avoidance!!!
___________ is similar structurally to estrogen-- and carries similar risks. Thrombosis, edema, gynecomatia. Avoid giving with calcium and take on empty stomach.
The great thing about the alkylating agent class ________ is that they can cross the **blood brain barrier**
carmustine, lomustine
The Nitrosourease drugs (alkylating) ______ and ________ are both dose limiting due to *DELAYED* myelo-suppression (4-6 weeks post tx) BBB (2/3)
streptozocin, kidney, peripheral neuropathy (throat feels like pins and needles)
the Nitrosourease drug (alkylating agent) ________ has a glucose moiety, and is selectively taken into islet cells in the pancreas. Risk is hypoglycemia and ______ damage. and ______ _______ . BBB (1/3)
This alkylating agent ____________ the uncrushed pill must be taken on an empty stomach.
another alkylating agent, Dacarbazine is blackboxed for ____________ (in addition to carcinogenicity and myelosuppression)
Matulane (mat went to tulane and got depressed)
an alkylating agent (other), ________ is an inhibitor of MAO- so it is contraindicated with the use of MAO-I and SSRIs and high tyramine foods
hexalen (A hex will drive someone crazy)
____________, is associated with neurotixicity
rapidly proliferating
____________ _____________ cells are most sensitive to all chemotherapy agents (cycle specific/nonspecific
with food
Give cytoxan ____ _____
ifosfamide, mesna
hemorrhagic cycstitis caused by _________can be reduced by giving _______ and extensive hydration.
before administering Ifosfamide make sure to do a urinalysis, and if micro _______ are present, hold off on drug
MOA, toxicities,
when giving chemo: you want to be able to do 3 things 1) multiple drugs with different _____ 2) no cumulative __________ 3) no drug interactions
pulmonary toxicity
risk with carmustine is dose related ___________
_________ causes severe bone marrow hypoplasia
Dacarbazine is blackboxed for
Hexalen can cause ________