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  1. Components of culture
  2. The process of perception occurs in three stages.
  3. Three models to demonstrate communication:
  4. Action model
  5. physical constructs
  1. a Action model, interaction model, transaction model
  2. b treats communication as a one way process
  3. c selection, organization, interpretation
  4. d symbols, language, values, norms
  5. e emphasize people's appearance, causing us to notice objective characteristics such as person's height, age, ethnicity, or body shape, and subjective characteristics such as person's physical attractiveness.

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  1. These biases influence our communication and satisfaction in long-term relationships
  2. the process of categorizing information that has been selected for attention.
  3. believes in the concentration of power in the hands of certain groups.
  4. the ongoing process of making meaning from what we experience in our environment
  5. A three-part process:
    Identify a group we believe someone belongs
    Recall some generalization about that group
    Apply the generalization to that person

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  1. Selectionthe process of attending to a stimulus


  2. over attributionthe tendency to attribute a range of behaviors to a single characteristic of a person.


  3. Interaction ModelA source formulates an idea
    The source encodes the idea in the form of a message
    The message is sent through a communication channel
    A receiver decodes the message
    Interpretation is affected by noise


  4. Competent communicators practice:self awareness, adaptability, empathy, cognitive complexity, ethics.


  5. High context culturebelieves verbal communication should be straightforward and direct.
    "say what you mean and mean what you say"


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