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  1. Action model
  2. interaction constructs
  3. Mono-chronic culture
  4. Interpersonal perception is affected by several fundamental forces:
  5. Primacy Effect
  1. a The first impression we have of someone overshadows our later impressions of the person
    First impressions set the tone for all future interaction
    Although powerful, first impressions are not unchangeable
  2. b treats communication as a one way process
  3. c emphasize people's behavior, so we notice that a person is outgoing aggressive shy sarcastic or considerate.
  4. d Stereotyping
    Perceptual set
  5. e Sees time as linear; values promptness

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  1. How unusual or unexpected the stimulus is
    Frequency of exposure to stimulus
    Intensity of stimulus
  2. Idioms, Gestures
  3. believes in the concentration of power in the hands of certain groups.
  4. Includes all elements of the Interaction Model, and also suggests that:
    Both parties in conversation are simultaneously senders and receivers
    Communication flows in both directions at once
  5. means communicating in ways that are effective and appropriate

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  1. collectivistic culturebelieves people's primary responsibility is to themselves..


  2. Uncertainty - accepting cultureopen to novel situations; accepting of people whose ideas and behaviors are different from one's own


  3. Action Modeltreats communication as a multiway process


  4. What is culture?The learned, shared symbols, language, values and norms that distinguish one group of people from another


  5. Perceptionthe process of attending to a stimulus