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  1. Perception
  2. High power distance culture
  3. Action Model
  4. Cultural communication codes
  5. Co-culture
  1. a the ongoing process of making meaning from what we experience in our environment
  2. b reflect groups of people within your society with whom you identify.
    ex. fraternity, clubs focused on hobbies....
  3. c believes in the concentration of power in the hands of certain groups.
  4. d A source formulates an idea
    The source encodes the idea in the form of a message
    The message is sent through a communication channel
    A receiver decodes the message
    Interpretation is affected by noise
  5. e Idioms, Gestures

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  1. the tendency to attribute others' behaviors to internal rather than external causes.
  2. The learned, shared symbols, language, values and norms that distinguish one group of people from another
  3. Stereotyping
    Perceptual set
  4. Sees time as non-linear; expectations for promptness vary according to the relationship
  5. treats communication as a one way process

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  1. Mono-chronic cultureSees time as non-linear; expectations for promptness vary according to the relationship


  2. Low context culturebelieves verbal communication should often be indirect.
    relies heavily on nonverbal cues


  3. Interaction ModelIncludes all elements of the Action Model, and also suggests that:
    Receivers provide feedback through verbal and nonverbal behavior
    The context of communication affects its meaning


  4. over attributionare answers to "why" questions: why did something occur?


  5. Communication competenceemphasize people's behavior, so we notice that a person is outgoing aggressive shy sarcastic or considerate.